01. I am a dreamer.
02. I want to be a footnote in a book someday.
03. I am not colorblind.
04. Kurt Cobain is quite possibly the only person whose corpse I would seriously consider having sex with.
05. I have seen snow before.
06. I always forget when I am cooking and start kitchen catastrophies.
07. I don't like men, but I don't like women either.
08. I have never had a girlfriend, but I would like to someday.
09. I feel like I was born in the wrong time period.
10. I want to live in a downtown studio apartment, but I also want a house with a wrap-around porch.
11. I have the black thumb of death when it comes to plants and/or small pets.
12. Sometimes, I talk to myself.
13. If any small, sharp, pain inducing object is on the floor/ground, my foot will find it.
14. I love to be barefoot.
15. Some music makes me sad. And I like it.
16. I love giving gifts to people, even if it’s not a special day.
17. I want to be a revolution all by myself.

18. I don't know what I want to be.
19. I have never seen The Godfather or Pulp Fiction.
20. I like getting things in the mail.

21. I'd be ashamed if I were ever a First Lady
22. I pretend that everything is okay to protect the ones I love.
23. I am anal about my feet and hands--I like for them to always be clean. If they are dirty, I feel gross until I get to a sink.
24. I procrastinate. A lot.
25. I have trouble not singing to songs I know. Even if I hate them.

26. I am happier as an atheist than I ever was as a Christian.
27. My whole family thinks I am just going through a phase.
28. I love to take pictures, even though I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like.
29. I sometimes get jealous.
30. I am a lot more bisexual than I will ever admit to most people.
31. My parents are divorced. And I'm glad.
32. I'm a packrat. I never throw anything out.
33. Going to the beach during a hurricane and a really good concert are my chosen religious experiences. Not religious, but they sound like good times.
34. I need a vacation from myself.

35. I speak only English fluently, and that makes me sad.
36. I'm a desperate insomniac.
37. I'm a music snob, and this doesn't bother me.
38. I love candle-light.

39. When I was really little, I asked my mom if I could marry my dad. She said no, and I was mad.
40. I like the way my cheeks get flushed after being out in the snow, or the slight red I get when I have a mild sunburn on my face.
41. I am addicted to 24.
42. I take really, really, really long baths.
43. I think I have the capacity for alcoholism.
44. If I ever got jury duty, I would be ecstatic. I think it sounds like such fun.
45. Money is very important to me.
46. I have a lot of issues with my family.
Especially my mother.
47. I am the oldest child.
48. I have a great boyfriend and still wonder about the possibilities.
49. I piss myself off a lot.
50. I am loved.
51. Words fascinate me.
52. I am very independent.

53. I need more sleep.
54. My car is one of the most important things to me. It is my key to freedom; my escape, should I need one.
55. People think I'm funny. I think?
56. I think I'm funny, too.

57. My boyfriend gave me too many stuffed animals and I had to put them in a box in the attic when I left for college.
58. I'm scatter-brained.
59. I love time period costumes, and want to wear them every day.
60. I can dance.
61. I am always reading at least one book.
62. I wish I could fly.
63. I'm afraid of heights.
64. I have a lot of drive, but have problems keeping interest in things I have started.

65. I love to argue.
66. I have an innie belly button.
67. I suffer from chronic pain.
68. I should be asleep right now.
69. I have strong affection for ice cream.
70. When people ask me if I smoke, I smile and say, "Not cigarettes."

71. I have a fetish for 80's music.
72. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with music. But I don't mind.
73. Once, I was able to have a lucid dream, but it was so exhausting that I've never tried it again.
74. I would love to have more money.
75. I have a habit of arguing with the television.

76. I just found out that blue was the original color of St. Patrick's Day.
77. I like to surprise my friends with stupid trivia.
78. I love politics. As in, I pay attention to them
79. I am having an identity crisis.
80. I like jigsaw puzzles from time to time.
81. I am crazy.

82. I enjoy eating tomato sandwiches. If there is melted cheese, then yes.
83. I hate George W. Bush with every fiber of my being.
84. I keep notes on the things that Texas has done to piss me off.
85. I can be very stubborn.
86. I don't make my bed in the morning, I make it right before I go to bed.
87. I need more clothes.
88. I still stick my tongue out at people.
89. I don't like to yawn in front of people.
90. If I had the money, I would buy DVD box sets of all my favorite TV shows.
91. We used to cruise at the Oceanfront with the windows down, blasting Bon Jovi
92. I am still afraid of the dark.
93. I believe in ghosts, or at least I wish I did.
94. I love hugs.
95. I like to watch movies that I've already seen with people who haven't.
96. I am very picky with some things, others I don’t worry about.
97. Purple is my favorite color.
98. I have a sticker that says "sinner" on my car.
99. I wonder if anyone has de-bolded and changed number 100 since the first occurrence of this survey.
100. I do not have a name for my mattress.

I've done more than 3 drugs.
I live on the West coast.
I have been to Mexico.
I bite my nails bloody.
I don't care what anyone says.
I love everyone.
Hot chocolate is the best.

I have an IPod.
I wish I had an IPod.
I go online all the time and talk.
I go online all the time and put on an away message.
I am single and loving it.
I've been dating someone for a year now.
Music is what I live for.
Harry Potter rules.

I've never been on a plane.
Snapple rocks.
AOL sucks.

I love my family.
I have been to/live in California.
Yellow is a beautiful color.
I've had a dream about sex.
I'm a virgin.
My school has over 5,000 kids.
Bush is an idiot.
I have never tried alcohol.
I have a step parent.
I own one pair of shoes.

Bright Eyes is lovely.
I'm a morning person. If it's after 5 and before 10.
At least one of my parents is a doctor.
I'm a sap and no one knows it.
I hide so many things in my life.
I don't know the word "regret."
80's movies are the greatest.
Drugs run in my family.
I dance to lose weight.
I wish my life never turned out the way it did.
I know what is at the end of a rainbow

Bold the Ones that Appeal to You

1. watching the sunset
2. hearing your favorite song
3. getting new clothes
4. taking a hot shower
5. laughing until it hurts

6. breaking peoples hearts
7. listening to rap
8. listening to country
9. watching the simpsons
10. watching pimp my ride
11. making fun of people
12. getting your siblings in trouble
13. standing up for people

14. seeing everyone else around you happy, and knowing youre not
15. jumping rope
16. scoring in sports
17. getting good grades
18. finding $20 from last year
19. finding out your crush likes you too
20. having sexual intercourse [of any kind, kissing, sex, etc.] Kissing is NOT sexual intercourse you retard.... good point, Twin.

21. people of the opposite sex
22. holding hands with someone you like I like holding hands in general...
23. self-mutilation
24. eating Within reason....I don't eat just to eat, but I enjoy eating good food.
25. driving
26. talking on the phone
27. talking on the comp
28. downloading music

29. getting into fights
30. writing poetry
31. singing
32. playing an instrument
33. dancing
34. playing sports
35. watching football
36. watching ice hockey
37. watching baseball
38. watching basketball
39. Painting your nails
40. going to formals
41. going out to eat

42. celebrating your bday w. friends
43. celebrating your bday w. family
44. going to the movies
45. renting movies w. your boyfriend/girlfriend
46. renting movies w. your best friends Tacos have a sense of humor!

47. eating dinner w. your family
48. eating pizza
49. meeting new people

50. drinking chocolate milkshakes
51. watching disney classics
52. going to school
53. going to concerts
54. going to punk rock shows folk...?

55. opposite sex|preps
56. opposite sex|punks
57. opposite sex|hicks
58. opposite sex|emos
59. not attracted to one certain group
60. winning solitaire
61. getting awards
62. working
63. cleaning your room
64. organizing your closet

65. helping the elderly
66. little kids
67. getting drunk or any kind of high
68. smiling for no reason - haha how ironic ^
69. this number
70. arm wrestling
71. riding the school bus
72. walking

73. exercising
74. telling lies
75. keeping secrets
76. starting rumors
77. complaining
78. being a bitch

79. being a prick
80. talking about people
81. eating ice cream cake
82. spraying whip cream in your mouth

83. doing homework
84. hanging with your best friends
85. going to highschool football games
86. doing highschool social events
87. blasting your music until you get in trouble - i dont fucking get in trouble...lol
88. cats
89. dogs
90. your animals

91. tattoo(s)
92. piercing(s)
93. tattoo(s) on the opposite sex
94. piercing(s) on the opposite sex
95. getting comments on your lj
96. getting msgs when your away
97. drinking coke
98. this survey
99. finishing this survey

1. i have been to las vegas, nevada.
2. my cell phone company is verizon.
3. i had an apple for breakfast.
4. saturday night live is the best.
5. i have a job.
6. i read an entertainment magazine every week.
7. i have asthma.
8. why does summer have to end?
9. i bought the new Fall Out Boy cd.
10. i have an alarm clock.
11. i've never been to the zoo.
12. pens are better than pencils.
13. jessica simpson is annoying.

14. ashlee simpson is a bad singer.
15. i know how to drive & i'm under the age of 16.
16. i love the sound of rain against my window at night. - dont have a window =(
17. grind wit yo girl to hellgoodbye.
18. utah is my favorite state.
19. i have a plastic trashcan.
20. bored_grab_A_survey owns.
21. flowers make me sneeze.
22. my favorite color is something other than pink.
23. my favorite sport is football even though i'm not a guy.
24. i've seen all of the lord of the rings movies. all 7 of them...
25. i change my layout like i change my underwear.
26. the beatles are the best band.
27. i have a big dog.
28. i name my freckles.
29. reality tv is not reality.
30. my obsession is vintage.

31. my sheets are blue.
32. i buy my clothes from thrift stores.
33. i recycle.
34. i wish i was a little kid again.
35. i have a myspace.
36. i read the latest harry potter book.
37. i cried reading the lastest harry potter book.

38. my drink of choice is diet coke.
39. i am a healthnut.
40. i took summer pe.
41. i paint my nails.
42. i'm constantly touching my hair.
43. i like freezepops.
44. my parents are divorced.
45. my best friends name is kelsey.
46. my name is kelsey.
47. i eat dinner at home every night.
48. i've been to a concert.
49. i have a piggy bank.
50. ipods are retarded.
51. the mall is my second fourth home.
52. i've screwed in a light blub before.

53. i watched the 2004 olympics on tv.
54. mtv should play more music.
55. i read the newspaper.
56. i'm currently reading a romantic novel.
57. i've had an xray.
58. i use crest white strips.
59. i have a secret lover.....i used to...very early in 2005 i did. long gone though.
60. i've stalked someone.
61. i'm going to the state fair.
62. i sleep walk.
63. blow is the best movie.
64. my carpet is not white.
65. i eat food.
66. i drink 8 glasses of water a day. probably
67. my birthday is on January 23.
68. i know the presidents phone number.
69. i am a democrat.
70. i am a republician.
71. i voted in the last election.
72. i bruise easily.
73. i am a cheerleader.
74. my favorite movie is bring it on.
75. i need more sleep.
76. i have a lock on my bedroom door.
77. i own something fake. I have counterfeit money on my wall...
78. i know who petter sellers is.
79. i've seen the new target back to school comerical.
80. i take pictures of myself all the time.
81. i ain't no hollaback girl.
82. i can write songs.
83. i've been in a school talent show.
84. the beach is my favorite.
85. the number 3 rocks.
86. i can swim.
87. i've been to fort sumter.
88. the civil war started on april 11, 1861. - you tell me?
89. thomas jefferson died on july 4th.
90. i watch friends reruns all the time.
91. chocolate chip cookies = pure joy.
92. i make honor roll.
93. i have 20/20 vision.
94. i own a real calender.
95. i know all of the zodic signs & can name them in order.
96. MaryKate Olsen is my idol.
97. i sleep with stuffed animals.
98. i've had an apple martini.
99. i hate the winter.
100. where i live it rains 24/7

Bold things that you have done in the past month

Watched tv
played video games
gone on the computer
hung out with friends
talked on the phone
talked on aim
hugged someone
kissed someone

updated your xanga
checked you email
listened to music

put on make up
gotten dressed up like really dressed up
gotten in a fight with a friend
yelled at someone
Watched a tv show
Seen someone hott
gone to starbucks
had coffee
had tea
had dinner with friends
had a sleepover

had a friend over
gone swimming
gone to another city
gone to camp
IMed someone random
Slept in
Woken up early
gone to bed at midnight
read a book
read a magazine
Eaten chinese food

dyed your hair
brushed your teeth
liked someone
had a dream about someone you liked


there's nothing else i want more than to feel this way

so i was extremely productive today, which is a new and exciting prospect for me. i worked and actually did stuff in all of my classes (even calc, which is amazing) and when i got home i went and deposited my checks and took out money for tommorow, then came home, got 2 loads of laundry ready, cleaned stuff up, did some dishes, washed up and did some more cleaning.

usually i'm falling asleep at this time of the afternoon, with a bunch of homework, but i did it all during study lol. i figure if i get some good sleep and have a productive day, it will go by faster and then it will be tommorow. and tommorow is good.

i can't stop listening to mandy moore, andy hunter, and shane's reiki music. it's weird, that's all i've listened to for like 3 days straight.



wonderful weekend

details upon request. <3333333333333333333333333333333333


the secret to life:

here is the secret to life:

take a moderately sized mug.

get some espresso chip or coffee chip or something similar ice cream in the mug, filled about 3/4 of the way.

add vanilla pepsi up to the top.

mix, stir, and indulge.