if you lose the moment, you might lose alot

so why not? why not?

ohhhh hillary. that was why not by hillary duff. yay :)

now i'm playing take me away by avril. woop!

so tommrowo is going to be boring and evil. then wednesday lyd's coming over for rasbperry pepsi (assuming we still have any) perfect dark, ocarina, kill bill 2, pool, and whatever else. i had tried to call her but i think she went to bed..lol...

i cant handle this confusion i'm unable come and take me away...
(im going nowhere, on and on and i'm getting nowhere on and on and off and on and off and on)

yay avril!

so i did the party invite..i spose i should get to work on the music playlist. after all the party's a freakin week away.

oh and surprise! turns out bob is coming back for 3 weeks. i wish we could have known that before...but i suppose everything that happened was for the best. we'll see what happens now.

homeboy, i came to pa-tay, yo girl was lookin at me (OMG I DEF JUST TYPED "yo gorilla was lookin at me" ohh wow...it must be late. or early. anyway that was nothin by NORE.

i dont know why i'm just randomly typing you guys lyrics. i'm so giddy.

pardon me while i burst into flames...

i had a dream the other night that this ancient tribe was playing that song, or something. turns out it was playing on winamp, i woke up at the end up of the song. this right now is an acoustic version. its quite good. at the beginning, the singer is like if this sucks, dont blame us. haha.

an ominious landscape of never ending calamity...

so matt is talking to me and he just declared that we havent talked in ages. he's so right. thats kinda weird... :/ but he's gonna try to come to the party. just has to get off of work. :)

ohhh yea! so yesterday, so yesterday...
you can change your life, you can change your clothes
if you change your mind, thats the way it goes
but i'm gonna keep your jeans, and your black hat
they look good on me, you're never gonna get them back
at least not today, not today, not today, if its over let it go and
come tommorow it will seem, so yesterday, so yesterday
havent you heard that im gonna be ok?

yay hillary :)

ok thats enough song lyrics. lalala...lol as i sing. hmm...what to discuss?

something is giving me the feeling that things are changing. like over the past few months. i've gotten new friends, and things like that have switched around alot. i've changed alot too. i dunno, things are weird. i really dont know what to do now. i'm gonna have to discuss this with em and lyd when they come over. i'm excited for weds and thurs :) and then of course friday! woot woop!

so before when i told you guys about kel's site..i cant figure out whats wrong with it. i tried setting all the files again, and setting permissions and stuff. last thing i can do is delete it all and put it back up.

so i've decided i'm also inviting tex (travis for you non nicknamey people) sarah and eileen. cuz i love them all, but we didnt really talk that much.

allie, shaney, and nate cant come :-/ well i knew nate couldnt...but allie is away at the cape and shaney has a rehearsal. she said its a slim possibility she could still come.

oh yea and bob is coming back that day, so MAYBE he can come too.

i'm gonna email tex sarah and eileen, then probly read abhorsen for a bit, then go to bed. i need to finish abhorsen (i'm almost done) by wednesday so lyd can borrow it.

so anyway. if anyone wants to do soemthin tommorow, let me know :) gimme a call, 869-2244 and tell someone to wake me up if i'm asleep.

night all!


i'm taking over, so watch me shine!

ohhhh vanessa carlton!!! <333

i love a bunch of her songs. pretty baby, watch me shine, 1000 miles, ordinary day, paint it black...she's got some great stuff.

so i had a really uneventful day.

OMG fuck. so you know how i had to change diaries becuase the old one wouldnt let me post anymore? surprise! kelly's is doing the same thing now. its like WTF. i didnt change anything on either site, and they just randomly decide to not work anymore. i'm gonna check some things and see if i cant figure out how to fix that.

then i'm gonna work on my main site.

you're still the only one...ohh lifehouse! :)

where you go when you're gone...

oh michelle branchy! yay!

so i'm going to do song lyrics for my tittles, so if you know the song you'll know whats playing. yay for trivia!

i'm in a chat with lyd jack and em, 3 of my FAVORITE people, and were deciding on toasted cheese, a movie party, and my bday party.

we have come up with a good guest list:

em lyd jack nate matt vanessa nicole jill joe james shaney cav heather kelly allie ian taco

hm? good? mel and janine shall come too if we can have the party while they're here.

there are other people i thought of, but kinda disagreed about.

so em in the chat was just like JACK AND CRACK UPDATE YOUR JOURNALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i'm like em i AM updating my journal.

oh so em's gonna come over thursday, and lyd on wednesday, and both of them + jackie + vanessa if she can come for the movie par-tay. (on friday).

somebody make plans w/ me for tommorow :D

hmmmm so what else can i write about? i talked to lyd for like 45 minutes on the phone last night. after i FOUND the phone, which somebody had stuffed in the couch. and i couldnt hit page either cuz it might have woken up the parents and karl woudl hvave killed me. but i'd drag him down to hell first.

so i'm gonna send out an email letting people know about the party when i can decide on a day that works. this entry is so over


did i tell you that i love you, tonight?

ohhhh oliver james. <333333

SO! i got a new theme, logon, and wallpaper last nihgt. AND a new sn and buddy icon! its all based off the best book EVER...which if you didnt know is lirael by garth nix.

its seriously amazing. phenomenal. you all should read it! i know lyd has :)

i'm debating whether i should put this new sn here or not.

hmmm... well if you haven't noticed, i unlinked firecircle and my secret one. i'm using icyembers to tell people the new one, then i will unlink it. and darkspark is posted all over the internet and i dont wanna go change it all so i'll use that. and JB needs something to talk to me with, since if i give him the new one who knows who would have it then?

and the secret one..it makes much more sense to sign off these ones and sign on that one. so those of you that know it, if you see me on that one...something bad is happening.

anyway, when i get home i might consider redesigning this place to match the blue/black theme of the rest of my comp...except i really like this theme...

we'll see! euhghhh i have to go to work. i bet nobody shows up today, and i just sit there reading. thats basically what happened yesterday, even though it was really crappy out. and nice out, in some parts.

jamie kept walking in and being like "the coffee is spectacular, the popcorn is wonderful, the cookies are amazing, you're doing a phenomenal job" and i was like WHOA i love you jamie. lol.

i also love kelly, amy, laurie, darrin, doug, and katrina. those are my fave employees there..theres some other good ones but not that good. i hate that mike deloyal guy. he never speaks to me and he like sneaks up behind you and its WICKED sketchy. you know when you're talking to yourself about something and you swear or say something stupid? and someones behind you and you're like gah i hope they werent listening. thats mike deloyal. plus he's pretty ugly. sorry dude! and i dont really like most of the warehouse guys either, they seem extremely druggy. i love mal though, she's wicked nice. haven't seen her in weeks.

so anyway thats my work rant. you people need to visit me today! but i know nobody can...lol. SIGH.

i'm gonna get dressed, change my mp3 player around, get ready to go...



never watch salems lot...

lol like seriously. i just watched it with katie and my dad (who slept like the whole time) and now i'm freakin PETRIFIED!

and the worst part is..the movie was horribly cheesy and bad acted. this is the new version i'm talking about, just came out this year. it was really crappy and had some seriously lame fx. bah!

i'm still scared though. it had some good suspens-ish scenes.

so eddy..yea i'm talking a REALLY painful death. like a fate worse than death and whatnot. like...you get tied to a tree with poisonous snakes and forced to watch my baby half brothers pottty training video and trampled with rabid racoons...that kind of death... :p

i'm gonna go to bed soon, i just wanted to make an entry. i'm also talking online and trying to wash out thoughts of creepy vampires and whatnot. my music isnt helping. lol...

i think i'm gonna read some journals. i really want a drink but not only will i have to go upstairs to get it, i'll have to go upstairs to pee. and thats 2 unneccesary trips upstairs.

anyway i'm needed elsewhere, ttyl




i have to go to my dads in an hour. which is ok i guess, i just wish i had my fridays to myself. yunno? anyway......

the proactiv stuff came yesterday. i'll be looking AWESOME in a few weeks. then when my hair fades back to normal i'll do something really really cool with it, and in like august i'll be buying my own new clothes for fall. i'm excited!

unfortunatley, katie and i are arguing over the proactiv. i need it loads more than she does, and she has a ton of other crap she could be using. its so not fair, i wanted my own. it was my fucking idea. she jsut left it in the bathroom, i was like WTF if kasey and michelle find it...

it'll be ugly. i can just picture it now. UGHHSRES!!!

i just finished a wash and everything was WICKED hot when it came out. hotter than normal. hmm..

BAH anyway. work tommorow and sunday...10-6, 12-5. COME VISIT ME OR DIE DIE DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!

i will love you foreer and a day if you come.

i think i'm gonna play some zelda. i'll get packin' at like 3.

ttyl, if you need me i'll be on AIM tonight/tommorow night probly


shut up, just shut up, shut up

awesome song.

anyway. needless to say, today didnt go so well. bill was all over the whole "i wont be an ass next time we hang out" last time i talked to him, but i guess he forgot about that. i was extremely pissed when i got sprayed 40 times in the eyes with a freaking watergun. i mean its all fun and shit until someone gets mad. then on came the "liberal teenagers" rants. god he goes on FOREVER about exactly how liberal teenagers act and that they're all the same. its like jesus christ bill you know TWO people, dan and i, that act like that. and you can assume that all the rest of your friends are conservative. but i'm sick of ranting and i just want to talk about something better. well dont get the wrong idea, its not like anything BAD happened today. i mean it was fun. but i hate bill. he's funny as hell, but i hate him.

karl is home now :/ why couldnt he just stay in cleveland? everything was fine while he was gone, now he's going to be hanging around all the friggen time. *sigh*

so this week...i would love to do somethin with em, i'll probly ask her when we have a talk tonight. lyd is gonna come over for raspberry pepsi and PD. and the pool!

i wanna book up my week so if anyone else wants to do anything...ASK! :)

so my dad took katie and i out tonight. and he's gonna get us tommorow like afternoon for the weekend. i'll be back sunday after work. hmmm.... what else can i write about...

so much to say but i cant say it here. i made the linsk to previous posts smaller so the words all fit now. lol... i'm gonna play some PD before katie comes down. katie and dan are going out now :) i'm happy for them!

die young and save yourself

ohhhh brand new. so i left my playlist of those 5 songs on last night and some of them are getting into the VERY HIGH NUMBERS of play count. i love play count. except theres some really really random songs that are very high in play count and i dont know why. "i'll be" by edwin mccain has been played 122 times. i dont particularly LOVE that song...i mean its good but its not so good that i'd make it its own playlist and play it over and over like i'm doing with these.

but the most popular song according to winamp is blind tiger. that songs on the animatrix soundtrack..very nice chillout shiz. its been played over 700 times and counting. i def. just typed ocunting... *sigh*

then, the outsider and i dare you to move are tied at 180, the rest of the songs on the playlist are like 120, 100, and 80 or something.

OH! and speaking of which. i wanna post my winamp playlist on the left column. well a link to it anyway. its quite long...actually i might get some more stuff to add to it first. hmm...

ANYWAY. today is bobs birthday. happy birthday bob! he's having some kind of party but he hasnt been aroudn in a while so i cant ask him when i should go...but it seems like jill will be there. and that might be awkward with a capital A if what bob tells me is true.

damn you ben...

ANYWAY. i beat ocarina last night! well i beat ganon anyway. theres a million other things i can do. one more bottle = finding two more poes. 50 more skulltulas. i got half of them, i dont really want to start searching for the rest cuz the 200 ruppee prize SUCKS. i always have 500 in my wallet lol. if it was like 5 heart containers i'd be all over it. oh and speaking of which - 14/15 more heart pieces (i think i have 1 or 2 right now) for the last 4 heart containers. umm...lots of mini games i can play and advance my weapons and stuff. i need the golden scale, the sinking lure...

its a HUGEASS GAME. i bet i'll never really finish it. you cant! theres way too many hidden things. but thats basically all i know i need to do.

so i just added the game by trapt to the playlist. it doesnt match the theme of the playlist...which is SOMETHING im not going to tell you...but it kinda does in a different way.

i wanna quote promise in my info. it is perfection. the best song for the situation at hand.

i'm gonna go take a shower and eat, just in case bob calls and is like we're picking you up in 10 seconds lol. which i know he wont, but still....



good times :)

so i had vanessa over today. she came at like 11 and we watched kill bill, then talked for a while. kasey came in and said some funny stuff...lol...

hang on i wanna go get like ice cream or something lol. i just had mac + cheese and that really didnt satisfy me. brb...

mmmmm i LOVE vanilla w/ little pieces of chips ahoy. my own idea :) its like chocolate chip cookie dough without the chips and with crunchy cookieness. GOOD TIMES. :)

anyway where was i? right so we watched kill bill, then we just sat and talked for a while, about like family stuff and relationships and whatnot. kasey walked in without a shirt on and was like "oh.............hey vanessa........maybe i should go put a shirt on" it was so funny lol. so then he comes back with his shirt on and says like 3 words. and we just laugh when he leaves :p

i made us some popcorn and we got stuff to drink and came back down and talked again. then at like 3:30 kasey came in and said, oh so memorably...

"if you guys want to go in the pool i'll watch"

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the funniness!!!! ohhh the dirtiness!!!!!!!! lol...

so we went in the pool a bit, then my mom gave her a ride home.

it was good times! we never really got to hang out before and i'm glad we did :)

next week i wanna have a movie/cranium party over here and we can play like mario party and stuff. i love mario party lol.

so speaking of N64 games...


i finished the water temple, started the shadow temple, FINSIHED it, started the spirit temple..then FINISHED THAT. the last two temples were alot easier than i was expecting, after the water temple. its not that its HARD, but it was long and tedious.

so what i'om doing now is finding the special poes so i can get another bottle, then i'm going to get 5 more pieces of heart (i have like 16 hearts and i want at least 18 and 4 fairies in bottles before i go to ganons castle) and in order to get one of them i need 2 more skulltulas. easy as pie! cept the poes will take a while to find. meh i dont like those lol. i'm really hoping lyd will go online so i can brag to her about how i'm that much further than her in the game :p

i dare you to move!
i dare you to move!
i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor!
i dare you to move!
i dare you to move!
like today never happened, today never happened, before

ok thats enough. i quote that song WAY too much...its that good though.

anyway i'm gonna play some zelda, ttyl


tidal waves they rip right through me

oh blink. how i love thee. i love down by them. its awesome.

my current playlist, not the happiest one ever. some songs i love and stuff i'm in the mood for.

blink182 - down
blink182 - i miss you
matchbook romance - promise
switchfoot - dare you to move
brand new - sic transit gloria...glory fades

i dunno its been a really rough two days. i've been through all emotions, and all i can muster now is regret. i need to think everything over again, when there is nobody trying to talk to me and i dont have kasey at the door yakking or i'm getting distracted by anything.

hold on i need to quote this


welcome to the planet
welcome to existence
everyones here, everyones here
everybodys watching you now
everybody waits for you now
what happens next? what happens next?

i dare you to move
i dare you to move
i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
i dare you to move
i dare you to move
like today never happened, today never happened before

welcome to the fallout
welcome to resistance
the tension is here
the tension is here
between who you are and who you could be
between how it is and how it should be

i dare you to move
i dare you to move
i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
i dare you to move
i dare you to move
like today never happened, today never happened

maybe redemption has stories to tell
maybe forgiveness is back where you fell
where can you run to escape from yourself?
where ya gonna go? where ya gonna go?
salvation is here

i dare you to move
i dare you to move
i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
i dare you to move!
i dare you to move!
like today never happened, today never happened
today never happened, today never happened before


that is the best song ever.

anyway where was i? i'm glad i kept what happened last night mostly to myself and now that things are somewhat resolved i dont have to talk to a bunch of people about it. and i'm defenitely not going to write it in here, even if i could figure out how to do a friends only.

so i know who fuxor is. he made a mistake, and i seriously suggest he stop posting here. you have made it totally obvious to me who you are, and if you think you'll get away with posting more stuff, you're wrong. people are getting in trouble for harassing a certain other someone in a certain other shoutbox. like serious trouble, i'm not kidding. i know you're not that bad of a person, so i urge you to stop posting. find something better to do than read my journal.

anyway thats one issue. thers one big one and then some smaller stuff going on besides

so on to happier things! tommorow i might be going to a museum in boston (i dont know which one, but i LOVE the science museum..hope its that one) with em, nate and the seilers. ohh the seilers..but nate and em will more than make up for it lol. i dunno if i can go though. i mean i'd have to be home by like 4 so i can go out with my dad. eh... so were going to see when what is happening, and if i'll be back by then.

so talking serious with someone really makes me want to stop writing. i cant anyway. not only am i not in the mood, i need to concentrate fully on whats going on. i'll write a better entry soon. i might even have to delete this one, its weird and cryptic.


it would be nice...

OMG you all need to listen to the blowjob song by blink. its funny as hell. they have another song you should all get too but i'm afraid small children might read this.

have i mentioend lately how much i love blink? i miss you, down, the BJ song, and one of their others are very very good songs. not to mention classics such as all the small things.

hey fuxor...i hope you realize you're hopelessly outnumbered. nobody cares what you have to say :p

so my workday basically sucked ass. a bunch of messy people..jesus some of the kids were cleaner than some of the adults. it was horrifying! but not TOO too busy.

anyway i'm not going to write about that. i'm gonna go call my dad, brb.

yay :) i feel like such a good son, calling to wish him a happy fathers day.

say it aint so, i will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home

ohhhhh blink!

*sigh* overall today was good. i'm rambling...

so! hugeass party for me and michelle coming up. lotsa people LOTSA people.

OMG now i'm talking to teresa and i miss her already. i might never see her for a LONG TIME. i wish we could all do something tommorow but thats doubtful.

so tuesday my dad is taking katie and i out. lyd and nate wont be around all week, so i wont be conquering boylston any time soon. i wanna have a cranium party!!! *pouts*

if anyone wants to come over and swim this week, you're more than welcome. i know em ian and i had talked about doing a pool party. i vote yes! lol if em was around i'd talk to her :p and ian's either signed off or away. i just noticed that ian and bob have similar away habits..the whole runon sentence of who/what or lyrics that nobody gets. haha!

anyway this is just ramblage and nobody will want to comment :p i'll write something meaningfui later

plus its dinner..so bye!


its amazing how moods change

so i was like the happiest thing ever a few minutes ago, then i was like dead low, and now i'm so-so.

but a few thoughts....

life is so fucking unfair. rules are so fucking unfair. this feeling of secondbest is so fucking unfair. but i cant compete, i can only wait.

why am i writing this? nobodys going to get what i mean...

well i'm going to eat, and either swim with like kasey or katie or maybe play ocarina. watch a movie or something. i lose.

i dont get why i play the same game EVERY effing TIME. then things change and it all goes away, and the cycle starts anew.

i'm done writing about this for now, because i keep saying the same thing and its goign to keep happening so its something i'll have to deal with.

so monday lyd's coming over to swim and watch kill bill 2. at some point this week i'm gonna do something with vanessa cuz we never get to hang out. tuesday i have something in mind, but i doubt that'll work out, for reasons obvious in my own mind. friday i'd like to do something fun.

teresa is leaving in 3 days!! NOOO!!!! i wanna see her before then. :)


there will be no white flag above my door

ohhhh dido. thank you for your music!

this song had me sooooo sad like 2 weeks ago. the meanings were so deep and when i realized it i was really really upset. but thats over now and i love this song again.

mmmmmmm so i'm STARVING and i should be eating and not updating...but yea. i'm mostly waiting for bob to get back online so we can make plans.

work was slow today. nobody visited me... but i got to leave an hour early..and on a saturday thats a hugeass bonus, since its 8 hours of nothingness and boringity. i just made that word up, boringness sounds stupid. so boringity it is!

OMG two songs later...one of my fave songs of the moment..sic transit gloria

she hits the lights (this doesnt seem quite fair)
despite everything he learned from his friends he doesnt feel so prepared
she's breathing quiet and smooth (he's gasping for air)
this is the first and last time he says
she fakes a smile and presses her hips into his
he keeps his hands pinned down at his sides
he's holding back from telling her exactly what it really feels..like
he is a lamb, she is the slaughter
she's movin really fast and all he wanted was to hold her
nothin that he touches really having an effect
he whispers that he loves her but she's probly only lookin for s....
(up the stairs the station where the act becomes the art of growing up)

i LOVE that song. that, on fire, tuesday morning, and dare you to move are my current favorites. lots of hidden meanings i have figured out. esp in on fire.



quizzie, stole from lyd, stole from jack

Let the insanity begin
What is your first name backward?: Kcarc
How tall are you?: 5'8" ish
What color are your socks right now?: n/a
Does your Mom have any siblings?: a sister and a gay brother. YAY.
Have you ever played the piano?: not well i havent
How old will you be in 17 years?: 32.
Who was the last person you said "Fuck" to?: problably muttered it somewhere
Do you have braces?: nope
Do you have retainers?: nope
Do you have your virginity?: *tries to think of witty comment and fails* yes...
Name your 3 closest friends.: 3?! 3!? NOO!! more than 3. right now my closest..dont be offended if youre just "close"...probably bob, em, lyd, nate, and jack. again no offense to my "close friends"
What's your favorite style of music?: everything. everything from manson to michelle branch, from adema to yellowcard. from linkin park to avril lavigne. except country/classic rock.
How many windows are in the room you're in?: none
How many pillows are in the room you're in?: one
How many other people are in the room you're in?: one
Is the TV on?: nope, will be soon though
If it's on, what's on it?: that show where it just stays blank...oh wait its OFF
Do you have a camera?: i think katie stole it
What's the last thing you wrote on a Post-It?: oh jeez i dont remember that!
What is currently atop your head?: my green hair...ohhh hot topic!

Are you afraid of...
Bugs?: i hate them and they should all die. but i'm only AFRAID of bees. and not so much anymore.
Spiders?: big ones, little ones should just die.
Clowns?: depends on the clown
Doctors?: nope
Dentists?: nope
Ghosts?: nope
Tall people?: how tall? 8, 9 feet? YES.
Fat People?: nope
Old People?: nope
People with disabilities?: nope...well besides a certain someone. but she's just SCARY.
Hair metal?: nope
Metal?: nope
Emo people?: i love emo people
Gothic People?: i love gothic people
Steve Belmont?: qui est-ce?
Guns?: yes
Steve Belmont's Hair?: quoi?
Battery Acid?: ewww...not afraid of it though
Nuclear Holocausts?: fun times!
Germans?: well karl is german...but i'm not AFRAID of him.
Italians?: only if they make me eat alot
The Pope?: not unless he tries to "heal me"

Would you rather...
Pee a marble, or crap a softball?: EWWWW!!! *writes in agony*
Get stranded naked at work, or in a foreign country?: depends on where my clothes can be found
Stub your toe every 10 mins or hit your funny bone every 5 mins?: funny bone is way less painful. i wicked hate stubbing my toe!
Jam an ice pick up your nose or get your eyeball caught with a fish hook?: OWWIEEE!!!!

Which do you prefer?
Metal or Hardcore?: hardcore
Emo or Punk?: emo
Pens or Pencils?: pencils
Long hair or Short hair?: short
Cold or warm?: warm

More randomness
Write the first thing that comes to your head.: the first thing that comes to your head
How many times have you worn a dress?: oh plenty of times..................
How many times have you worn a suit?: not like an official suit, i'll get dressed up but not like tuxy.
How many times have you worn a chicken suit?: taht one time with your mom...
How many screen names have you had?: like 8...nowadays 4, 1 i really use the most
What's your favorite quote?: once bitten, twice shy. thats sooooo me!
What's your least favorite quote?: i dunno
What's your favorite curse word?: shit, wtf, crazy mofo, bitch, fuckass, go suck a fuck. i love swearing, but i keep it on the down low most of the time :D

i'm with the skater boi, i said see ya later

you know what the best part of this song is? (sk8er boi by avril) its called sk8er BOI! NOT sk8er BOY! hehehehe...for those of you that dont know, a boi is a gay boy. and a grrl is a lesbian girl.

yay for random useless information!

haha so -someone- thinks i'm too into the whole gay label thing. and i think he's right...i mean like i'll go EWWW BOOBS or whatever. and i dont really mean it, i just mean to be funny or wahtever.

lately i have been considering bisexuality. i mean i hadn't thought about it TOO much. but i dont think i am...i mean i'd like to be, since it'd be alot easier for certain things, but i doubt that i am. very much so in fact. sorry girls :p

thats enough about sexual orientation for now...

so last night went AWESOMEly well but i'm not going to discuss it till i can figure out how to set it as a friend only entry. then i'll need some of you to sign up here and be my friend :)

speaking of which, the firneds links is updated..i was gonna get matts link changed but blurty isnt working. but eddy's is changed. note that friends sites is gone, maybe i'll revive it someday but not now.

new wallpaper :)

so now i'm talking to vanessa, we might try to hang out at some point and like go to the mall or something. i never really got to hang out with her much, the GSA is basically the epitome of hanging out with vanessa for me and that cant count. i know lyd would like to go with us :) speaking of lyd...where is she? i havent seen her online in DAYS. its no good. i'm having withdrawals! but now its friday so shes' going to her moms today. *phew*

ummm so what else. i LOVE this new blog its the best thing ever. it looks really good if i do say so myself.

kasey cam in and asked me if he could have 2 friends over and ride bikes and stuff.

speaking of which (you need to hear this first) we had a family conference last night as far as having friends over w/o rentals around. me and michelle are basically in charge of when katie and kasey can have friends, and we can have whoever we want. as far as the pool goes, there needs to be someone watching or whatever. i dont exactly like that idea, since...nvm. but anyway i think it all sounds fair.

so of COURSE kasey asked me if he could have friends over, and of COURSE im the sweetheart so i said yes. haha if he asked michelle she woulda said yes, only because shes obsessed with jeff. but she'd be like meh brett cant come. lol.

so today......bob wants me to go to a concert with him and dan. the unseen concert, he might be going backstage thanks to that nice girl sarah in hot topic.

he almost had me convinced to go...but meh i dunno. i'm def. going to the dashboard one though.

so last thing before i leave you all- i'm going to be reading, writing, and commenting ALOT in all of your journals now. sicne i have this now and its summer and i'll have lots of time.

as for now i'm going to go shower, eat, and figure out what im doing today.



trying something

hey all! welcome to my new and improved journal! this thing totally kicks ass. i tried livejournal, greatestjournal, and xanga but none had the features i really wanted...this thing lets you change everything around. so its still the same as it was, except theres new features like commenting and the date is correct and stuff. plus the popup..but oh well.

i really like this now, its very nice and i spent hours desiging the layout.

i must give props to bob for suggesting blogger! :)

hehe robin just signed off *shakes fist* BURN IN HELL ROBIN!

ANYWAY. today kicked more ass than alot of days have. if any of you had the link to my xanga i talked about i dare you to move which is the best song EVER. and thats basically all i wrote in my xanga so far that was worth reading.

today was great, i took my final and did good i think, then ems mom drove me home, i was home by like 9:10 which i think was earlier than anyone else...esp at my house anyway. so i blasted music for a while and celebrated.

bob and i are going out tonight- to see the stepford wives. well not tonight, its on in like a half hour. so he better get out of the shower soon... :p then we'll hang out at the mall and maybe come back here after, i gotta find the rentals though.

anyway enjoy my new journal, hope you all like it. i know i do :)

COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! COMMENT LIVE YOUVE NEVER COMMENTED BEFORE!! (and i know you havent, since i've never had that on one of my journals)

my first post

just seeing how this looks and stuff. i may have to ditch my beloved xanga!