did i tell you that i love you, tonight?

ohhhh oliver james. <333333

SO! i got a new theme, logon, and wallpaper last nihgt. AND a new sn and buddy icon! its all based off the best book EVER...which if you didnt know is lirael by garth nix.

its seriously amazing. phenomenal. you all should read it! i know lyd has :)

i'm debating whether i should put this new sn here or not.

hmmm... well if you haven't noticed, i unlinked firecircle and my secret one. i'm using icyembers to tell people the new one, then i will unlink it. and darkspark is posted all over the internet and i dont wanna go change it all so i'll use that. and JB needs something to talk to me with, since if i give him the new one who knows who would have it then?

and the secret one..it makes much more sense to sign off these ones and sign on that one. so those of you that know it, if you see me on that one...something bad is happening.

anyway, when i get home i might consider redesigning this place to match the blue/black theme of the rest of my comp...except i really like this theme...

we'll see! euhghhh i have to go to work. i bet nobody shows up today, and i just sit there reading. thats basically what happened yesterday, even though it was really crappy out. and nice out, in some parts.

jamie kept walking in and being like "the coffee is spectacular, the popcorn is wonderful, the cookies are amazing, you're doing a phenomenal job" and i was like WHOA i love you jamie. lol.

i also love kelly, amy, laurie, darrin, doug, and katrina. those are my fave employees there..theres some other good ones but not that good. i hate that mike deloyal guy. he never speaks to me and he like sneaks up behind you and its WICKED sketchy. you know when you're talking to yourself about something and you swear or say something stupid? and someones behind you and you're like gah i hope they werent listening. thats mike deloyal. plus he's pretty ugly. sorry dude! and i dont really like most of the warehouse guys either, they seem extremely druggy. i love mal though, she's wicked nice. haven't seen her in weeks.

so anyway thats my work rant. you people need to visit me today! but i know nobody can...lol. SIGH.

i'm gonna get dressed, change my mp3 player around, get ready to go...



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