die young and save yourself

ohhhh brand new. so i left my playlist of those 5 songs on last night and some of them are getting into the VERY HIGH NUMBERS of play count. i love play count. except theres some really really random songs that are very high in play count and i dont know why. "i'll be" by edwin mccain has been played 122 times. i dont particularly LOVE that song...i mean its good but its not so good that i'd make it its own playlist and play it over and over like i'm doing with these.

but the most popular song according to winamp is blind tiger. that songs on the animatrix soundtrack..very nice chillout shiz. its been played over 700 times and counting. i def. just typed ocunting... *sigh*

then, the outsider and i dare you to move are tied at 180, the rest of the songs on the playlist are like 120, 100, and 80 or something.

OH! and speaking of which. i wanna post my winamp playlist on the left column. well a link to it anyway. its quite long...actually i might get some more stuff to add to it first. hmm...

ANYWAY. today is bobs birthday. happy birthday bob! he's having some kind of party but he hasnt been aroudn in a while so i cant ask him when i should go...but it seems like jill will be there. and that might be awkward with a capital A if what bob tells me is true.

damn you ben...

ANYWAY. i beat ocarina last night! well i beat ganon anyway. theres a million other things i can do. one more bottle = finding two more poes. 50 more skulltulas. i got half of them, i dont really want to start searching for the rest cuz the 200 ruppee prize SUCKS. i always have 500 in my wallet lol. if it was like 5 heart containers i'd be all over it. oh and speaking of which - 14/15 more heart pieces (i think i have 1 or 2 right now) for the last 4 heart containers. umm...lots of mini games i can play and advance my weapons and stuff. i need the golden scale, the sinking lure...

its a HUGEASS GAME. i bet i'll never really finish it. you cant! theres way too many hidden things. but thats basically all i know i need to do.

so i just added the game by trapt to the playlist. it doesnt match the theme of the playlist...which is SOMETHING im not going to tell you...but it kinda does in a different way.

i wanna quote promise in my info. it is perfection. the best song for the situation at hand.

i'm gonna go take a shower and eat, just in case bob calls and is like we're picking you up in 10 seconds lol. which i know he wont, but still....



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