good times :)

so i had vanessa over today. she came at like 11 and we watched kill bill, then talked for a while. kasey came in and said some funny stuff...lol...

hang on i wanna go get like ice cream or something lol. i just had mac + cheese and that really didnt satisfy me. brb...

mmmmm i LOVE vanilla w/ little pieces of chips ahoy. my own idea :) its like chocolate chip cookie dough without the chips and with crunchy cookieness. GOOD TIMES. :)

anyway where was i? right so we watched kill bill, then we just sat and talked for a while, about like family stuff and relationships and whatnot. kasey walked in without a shirt on and was like "oh.............hey vanessa........maybe i should go put a shirt on" it was so funny lol. so then he comes back with his shirt on and says like 3 words. and we just laugh when he leaves :p

i made us some popcorn and we got stuff to drink and came back down and talked again. then at like 3:30 kasey came in and said, oh so memorably...

"if you guys want to go in the pool i'll watch"

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the funniness!!!! ohhh the dirtiness!!!!!!!! lol...

so we went in the pool a bit, then my mom gave her a ride home.

it was good times! we never really got to hang out before and i'm glad we did :)

next week i wanna have a movie/cranium party over here and we can play like mario party and stuff. i love mario party lol.

so speaking of N64 games...


i finished the water temple, started the shadow temple, FINSIHED it, started the spirit temple..then FINISHED THAT. the last two temples were alot easier than i was expecting, after the water temple. its not that its HARD, but it was long and tedious.

so what i'om doing now is finding the special poes so i can get another bottle, then i'm going to get 5 more pieces of heart (i have like 16 hearts and i want at least 18 and 4 fairies in bottles before i go to ganons castle) and in order to get one of them i need 2 more skulltulas. easy as pie! cept the poes will take a while to find. meh i dont like those lol. i'm really hoping lyd will go online so i can brag to her about how i'm that much further than her in the game :p

i dare you to move!
i dare you to move!
i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor!
i dare you to move!
i dare you to move!
like today never happened, today never happened, before

ok thats enough. i quote that song WAY too much...its that good though.

anyway i'm gonna play some zelda, ttyl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

woo! Yes i agree Mike, some very good times! =) I can't believe how the day flew! And the Kasey things.. oh my GOD that was good!


9:20 PM  

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