if you lose the moment, you might lose alot

so why not? why not?

ohhhh hillary. that was why not by hillary duff. yay :)

now i'm playing take me away by avril. woop!

so tommrowo is going to be boring and evil. then wednesday lyd's coming over for rasbperry pepsi (assuming we still have any) perfect dark, ocarina, kill bill 2, pool, and whatever else. i had tried to call her but i think she went to bed..lol...

i cant handle this confusion i'm unable come and take me away...
(im going nowhere, on and on and i'm getting nowhere on and on and off and on and off and on)

yay avril!

so i did the party invite..i spose i should get to work on the music playlist. after all the party's a freakin week away.

oh and surprise! turns out bob is coming back for 3 weeks. i wish we could have known that before...but i suppose everything that happened was for the best. we'll see what happens now.

homeboy, i came to pa-tay, yo girl was lookin at me (OMG I DEF JUST TYPED "yo gorilla was lookin at me" ohh wow...it must be late. or early. anyway that was nothin by NORE.

i dont know why i'm just randomly typing you guys lyrics. i'm so giddy.

pardon me while i burst into flames...

i had a dream the other night that this ancient tribe was playing that song, or something. turns out it was playing on winamp, i woke up at the end up of the song. this right now is an acoustic version. its quite good. at the beginning, the singer is like if this sucks, dont blame us. haha.

an ominious landscape of never ending calamity...

so matt is talking to me and he just declared that we havent talked in ages. he's so right. thats kinda weird... :/ but he's gonna try to come to the party. just has to get off of work. :)

ohhh yea! so yesterday, so yesterday...
you can change your life, you can change your clothes
if you change your mind, thats the way it goes
but i'm gonna keep your jeans, and your black hat
they look good on me, you're never gonna get them back
at least not today, not today, not today, if its over let it go and
come tommorow it will seem, so yesterday, so yesterday
havent you heard that im gonna be ok?

yay hillary :)

ok thats enough song lyrics. lalala...lol as i sing. hmm...what to discuss?

something is giving me the feeling that things are changing. like over the past few months. i've gotten new friends, and things like that have switched around alot. i've changed alot too. i dunno, things are weird. i really dont know what to do now. i'm gonna have to discuss this with em and lyd when they come over. i'm excited for weds and thurs :) and then of course friday! woot woop!

so before when i told you guys about kel's site..i cant figure out whats wrong with it. i tried setting all the files again, and setting permissions and stuff. last thing i can do is delete it all and put it back up.

so i've decided i'm also inviting tex (travis for you non nicknamey people) sarah and eileen. cuz i love them all, but we didnt really talk that much.

allie, shaney, and nate cant come :-/ well i knew nate couldnt...but allie is away at the cape and shaney has a rehearsal. she said its a slim possibility she could still come.

oh yea and bob is coming back that day, so MAYBE he can come too.

i'm gonna email tex sarah and eileen, then probly read abhorsen for a bit, then go to bed. i need to finish abhorsen (i'm almost done) by wednesday so lyd can borrow it.

so anyway. if anyone wants to do soemthin tommorow, let me know :) gimme a call, 869-2244 and tell someone to wake me up if i'm asleep.

night all!


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