i'm with the skater boi, i said see ya later

you know what the best part of this song is? (sk8er boi by avril) its called sk8er BOI! NOT sk8er BOY! hehehehe...for those of you that dont know, a boi is a gay boy. and a grrl is a lesbian girl.

yay for random useless information!

haha so -someone- thinks i'm too into the whole gay label thing. and i think he's right...i mean like i'll go EWWW BOOBS or whatever. and i dont really mean it, i just mean to be funny or wahtever.

lately i have been considering bisexuality. i mean i hadn't thought about it TOO much. but i dont think i am...i mean i'd like to be, since it'd be alot easier for certain things, but i doubt that i am. very much so in fact. sorry girls :p

thats enough about sexual orientation for now...

so last night went AWESOMEly well but i'm not going to discuss it till i can figure out how to set it as a friend only entry. then i'll need some of you to sign up here and be my friend :)

speaking of which, the firneds links is updated..i was gonna get matts link changed but blurty isnt working. but eddy's is changed. note that friends sites is gone, maybe i'll revive it someday but not now.

new wallpaper :)

so now i'm talking to vanessa, we might try to hang out at some point and like go to the mall or something. i never really got to hang out with her much, the GSA is basically the epitome of hanging out with vanessa for me and that cant count. i know lyd would like to go with us :) speaking of lyd...where is she? i havent seen her online in DAYS. its no good. i'm having withdrawals! but now its friday so shes' going to her moms today. *phew*

ummm so what else. i LOVE this new blog its the best thing ever. it looks really good if i do say so myself.

kasey cam in and asked me if he could have 2 friends over and ride bikes and stuff.

speaking of which (you need to hear this first) we had a family conference last night as far as having friends over w/o rentals around. me and michelle are basically in charge of when katie and kasey can have friends, and we can have whoever we want. as far as the pool goes, there needs to be someone watching or whatever. i dont exactly like that idea, since...nvm. but anyway i think it all sounds fair.

so of COURSE kasey asked me if he could have friends over, and of COURSE im the sweetheart so i said yes. haha if he asked michelle she woulda said yes, only because shes obsessed with jeff. but she'd be like meh brett cant come. lol.

so today......bob wants me to go to a concert with him and dan. the unseen concert, he might be going backstage thanks to that nice girl sarah in hot topic.

he almost had me convinced to go...but meh i dunno. i'm def. going to the dashboard one though.

so last thing before i leave you all- i'm going to be reading, writing, and commenting ALOT in all of your journals now. sicne i have this now and its summer and i'll have lots of time.

as for now i'm going to go shower, eat, and figure out what im doing today.



Blogger bobby said...

WOoo I like this whole commenting thing I am not longer confinded to mere 100 characters WOOOO anywho I love AFI<3 sorry I'm listening to there song "the leaving song part.II" they are simply amazing ohhh now over it is on I love them too yeah back to the whole comment and not rant. I never knew about the boi thing I dont think she does either and Mikey you are too focused on stereotypes I won't get into that in this comment box but just be you not that mike who happens to be gay but anyways I had an awesome time yesterday and we shall have a movie night soonly>:~} whelp im gonna go eat

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liiiiiiiive.

Surprisingly.....anyways. Talk to you later dood :D

1:32 PM  

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