it would be nice...

OMG you all need to listen to the blowjob song by blink. its funny as hell. they have another song you should all get too but i'm afraid small children might read this.

have i mentioend lately how much i love blink? i miss you, down, the BJ song, and one of their others are very very good songs. not to mention classics such as all the small things.

hey fuxor...i hope you realize you're hopelessly outnumbered. nobody cares what you have to say :p

so my workday basically sucked ass. a bunch of messy people..jesus some of the kids were cleaner than some of the adults. it was horrifying! but not TOO too busy.

anyway i'm not going to write about that. i'm gonna go call my dad, brb.

yay :) i feel like such a good son, calling to wish him a happy fathers day.

say it aint so, i will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home

ohhhhh blink!

*sigh* overall today was good. i'm rambling...

so! hugeass party for me and michelle coming up. lotsa people LOTSA people.

OMG now i'm talking to teresa and i miss her already. i might never see her for a LONG TIME. i wish we could all do something tommorow but thats doubtful.

so tuesday my dad is taking katie and i out. lyd and nate wont be around all week, so i wont be conquering boylston any time soon. i wanna have a cranium party!!! *pouts*

if anyone wants to come over and swim this week, you're more than welcome. i know em ian and i had talked about doing a pool party. i vote yes! lol if em was around i'd talk to her :p and ian's either signed off or away. i just noticed that ian and bob have similar away habits..the whole runon sentence of who/what or lyrics that nobody gets. haha!

anyway this is just ramblage and nobody will want to comment :p i'll write something meaningfui later

plus its dinner..so bye!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll comment! The word blowjob really stuck out. hmm. i /wonder/ why. hahahha

6:58 PM  
Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

Ooooh, can I come over and swim too? I'll go empty my bank account and buy a plane tocket. I may have to crash on your couch for a few days too...

8:39 PM  

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