its amazing how moods change

so i was like the happiest thing ever a few minutes ago, then i was like dead low, and now i'm so-so.

but a few thoughts....

life is so fucking unfair. rules are so fucking unfair. this feeling of secondbest is so fucking unfair. but i cant compete, i can only wait.

why am i writing this? nobodys going to get what i mean...

well i'm going to eat, and either swim with like kasey or katie or maybe play ocarina. watch a movie or something. i lose.

i dont get why i play the same game EVERY effing TIME. then things change and it all goes away, and the cycle starts anew.

i'm done writing about this for now, because i keep saying the same thing and its goign to keep happening so its something i'll have to deal with.

so monday lyd's coming over to swim and watch kill bill 2. at some point this week i'm gonna do something with vanessa cuz we never get to hang out. tuesday i have something in mind, but i doubt that'll work out, for reasons obvious in my own mind. friday i'd like to do something fun.

teresa is leaving in 3 days!! NOOO!!!! i wanna see her before then. :)



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