never watch salems lot...

lol like seriously. i just watched it with katie and my dad (who slept like the whole time) and now i'm freakin PETRIFIED!

and the worst part is..the movie was horribly cheesy and bad acted. this is the new version i'm talking about, just came out this year. it was really crappy and had some seriously lame fx. bah!

i'm still scared though. it had some good suspens-ish scenes.

so eddy..yea i'm talking a REALLY painful death. like a fate worse than death and whatnot. like...you get tied to a tree with poisonous snakes and forced to watch my baby half brothers pottty training video and trampled with rabid racoons...that kind of death... :p

i'm gonna go to bed soon, i just wanted to make an entry. i'm also talking online and trying to wash out thoughts of creepy vampires and whatnot. my music isnt helping. lol...

i think i'm gonna read some journals. i really want a drink but not only will i have to go upstairs to get it, i'll have to go upstairs to pee. and thats 2 unneccesary trips upstairs.

anyway i'm needed elsewhere, ttyl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooohh sounds creepy! x_X
Anyways, this is vanessa and i've added u on my journal! c yaa


10:17 AM  
Blogger crack said...

yay thanks!!! :)

10:29 AM  

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