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Let the insanity begin
What is your first name backward?: Kcarc
How tall are you?: 5'8" ish
What color are your socks right now?: n/a
Does your Mom have any siblings?: a sister and a gay brother. YAY.
Have you ever played the piano?: not well i havent
How old will you be in 17 years?: 32.
Who was the last person you said "Fuck" to?: problably muttered it somewhere
Do you have braces?: nope
Do you have retainers?: nope
Do you have your virginity?: *tries to think of witty comment and fails* yes...
Name your 3 closest friends.: 3?! 3!? NOO!! more than 3. right now my closest..dont be offended if youre just "close"...probably bob, em, lyd, nate, and jack. again no offense to my "close friends"
What's your favorite style of music?: everything. everything from manson to michelle branch, from adema to yellowcard. from linkin park to avril lavigne. except country/classic rock.
How many windows are in the room you're in?: none
How many pillows are in the room you're in?: one
How many other people are in the room you're in?: one
Is the TV on?: nope, will be soon though
If it's on, what's on it?: that show where it just stays blank...oh wait its OFF
Do you have a camera?: i think katie stole it
What's the last thing you wrote on a Post-It?: oh jeez i dont remember that!
What is currently atop your head?: my green hair...ohhh hot topic!

Are you afraid of...
Bugs?: i hate them and they should all die. but i'm only AFRAID of bees. and not so much anymore.
Spiders?: big ones, little ones should just die.
Clowns?: depends on the clown
Doctors?: nope
Dentists?: nope
Ghosts?: nope
Tall people?: how tall? 8, 9 feet? YES.
Fat People?: nope
Old People?: nope
People with disabilities?: nope...well besides a certain someone. but she's just SCARY.
Hair metal?: nope
Metal?: nope
Emo people?: i love emo people
Gothic People?: i love gothic people
Steve Belmont?: qui est-ce?
Guns?: yes
Steve Belmont's Hair?: quoi?
Battery Acid?: ewww...not afraid of it though
Nuclear Holocausts?: fun times!
Germans?: well karl is german...but i'm not AFRAID of him.
Italians?: only if they make me eat alot
The Pope?: not unless he tries to "heal me"

Would you rather...
Pee a marble, or crap a softball?: EWWWW!!! *writes in agony*
Get stranded naked at work, or in a foreign country?: depends on where my clothes can be found
Stub your toe every 10 mins or hit your funny bone every 5 mins?: funny bone is way less painful. i wicked hate stubbing my toe!
Jam an ice pick up your nose or get your eyeball caught with a fish hook?: OWWIEEE!!!!

Which do you prefer?
Metal or Hardcore?: hardcore
Emo or Punk?: emo
Pens or Pencils?: pencils
Long hair or Short hair?: short
Cold or warm?: warm

More randomness
Write the first thing that comes to your head.: the first thing that comes to your head
How many times have you worn a dress?: oh plenty of times..................
How many times have you worn a suit?: not like an official suit, i'll get dressed up but not like tuxy.
How many times have you worn a chicken suit?: taht one time with your mom...
How many screen names have you had?: like 8...nowadays 4, 1 i really use the most
What's your favorite quote?: once bitten, twice shy. thats sooooo me!
What's your least favorite quote?: i dunno
What's your favorite curse word?: shit, wtf, crazy mofo, bitch, fuckass, go suck a fuck. i love swearing, but i keep it on the down low most of the time :D


Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

Ha! I'm laughing my ass off about some of these! Oh, so witty and cunning. Heh, cunning. Nobody uses that word enough...

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