shut up, just shut up, shut up

awesome song.

anyway. needless to say, today didnt go so well. bill was all over the whole "i wont be an ass next time we hang out" last time i talked to him, but i guess he forgot about that. i was extremely pissed when i got sprayed 40 times in the eyes with a freaking watergun. i mean its all fun and shit until someone gets mad. then on came the "liberal teenagers" rants. god he goes on FOREVER about exactly how liberal teenagers act and that they're all the same. its like jesus christ bill you know TWO people, dan and i, that act like that. and you can assume that all the rest of your friends are conservative. but i'm sick of ranting and i just want to talk about something better. well dont get the wrong idea, its not like anything BAD happened today. i mean it was fun. but i hate bill. he's funny as hell, but i hate him.

karl is home now :/ why couldnt he just stay in cleveland? everything was fine while he was gone, now he's going to be hanging around all the friggen time. *sigh*

so this week...i would love to do somethin with em, i'll probly ask her when we have a talk tonight. lyd is gonna come over for raspberry pepsi and PD. and the pool!

i wanna book up my week so if anyone else wants to do anything...ASK! :)

so my dad took katie and i out tonight. and he's gonna get us tommorow like afternoon for the weekend. i'll be back sunday after work. hmmm.... what else can i write about...

so much to say but i cant say it here. i made the linsk to previous posts smaller so the words all fit now. lol... i'm gonna play some PD before katie comes down. katie and dan are going out now :) i'm happy for them!


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