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hey all! welcome to my new and improved journal! this thing totally kicks ass. i tried livejournal, greatestjournal, and xanga but none had the features i really wanted...this thing lets you change everything around. so its still the same as it was, except theres new features like commenting and the date is correct and stuff. plus the popup..but oh well.

i really like this now, its very nice and i spent hours desiging the layout.

i must give props to bob for suggesting blogger! :)

hehe robin just signed off *shakes fist* BURN IN HELL ROBIN!

ANYWAY. today kicked more ass than alot of days have. if any of you had the link to my xanga i talked about i dare you to move which is the best song EVER. and thats basically all i wrote in my xanga so far that was worth reading.

today was great, i took my final and did good i think, then ems mom drove me home, i was home by like 9:10 which i think was earlier than anyone else...esp at my house anyway. so i blasted music for a while and celebrated.

bob and i are going out tonight- to see the stepford wives. well not tonight, its on in like a half hour. so he better get out of the shower soon... :p then we'll hang out at the mall and maybe come back here after, i gotta find the rentals though.

anyway enjoy my new journal, hope you all like it. i know i do :)

COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! COMMENT LIVE YOUVE NEVER COMMENTED BEFORE!! (and i know you havent, since i've never had that on one of my journals)


Blogger bobby said...

YAY you got a journaL that I can comment on without a limit for words and entry wise so its not like I am spamnming the shoutbox though I prolly still will. EURGH my Dad is being a fag so we will hafta go to the next showing of the movie but we will go dammit! JESUS FUCK those girls need to be hung they are driving me nuts whelp WiD aN 'X' aNd An 'O' DiS bYtCh Iz OuT lYkE wHoA

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay OKAY, I'm commenting!!!! Don't yell at me! So, yea... after I spent hours disscussing what I was going to post in the X journal-y thing you switch! So now, I must sit here and deliberate on what I should write... Is deliberate the word I was looking for? WHO KNOWS! and certianly no one cares because it's summer!!! Alright, well this summer is going to KICK SOMEONE'S ASS!!!!!!!!!! And hopefully, it'll be someones like hmmmm JOHN NEUSH'S!!!! SOOOOOO I should really stop this now because I'm rambling but i like tlaking to you Crack. You're an awesome person... and this summer is going to kick John's ass because a). You'll get your permit, b). We'll be able to stay up and talk late at night again and c). There will be more dead crabs to come
Love, your bestest friend in the WHOLE WORLD besides some other people... Emily!

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! I love your new journal =) And it's awesome how people can comment now! haha I thought it was funny how you were right next to me in the hall and I didn't even know till you waved. Me and u and some other people should hang out sometime this summer! =D

8:28 AM  
Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

Heh, Ha, HAHAHAHA! Blogspot... Haha. Okay, sorry, I shouldn't laugh. I have an account here too, I just don't use it much. I like dickin' around with it to see what kind of layouts I can make that are better than most other people's because they don't know shit about CSS...

8:44 AM  

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