where you go when you're gone...

oh michelle branchy! yay!

so i'm going to do song lyrics for my tittles, so if you know the song you'll know whats playing. yay for trivia!

i'm in a chat with lyd jack and em, 3 of my FAVORITE people, and were deciding on toasted cheese, a movie party, and my bday party.

we have come up with a good guest list:

em lyd jack nate matt vanessa nicole jill joe james shaney cav heather kelly allie ian taco

hm? good? mel and janine shall come too if we can have the party while they're here.

there are other people i thought of, but kinda disagreed about.

so em in the chat was just like JACK AND CRACK UPDATE YOUR JOURNALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i'm like em i AM updating my journal.

oh so em's gonna come over thursday, and lyd on wednesday, and both of them + jackie + vanessa if she can come for the movie par-tay. (on friday).

somebody make plans w/ me for tommorow :D

hmmmm so what else can i write about? i talked to lyd for like 45 minutes on the phone last night. after i FOUND the phone, which somebody had stuffed in the couch. and i couldnt hit page either cuz it might have woken up the parents and karl woudl hvave killed me. but i'd drag him down to hell first.

so i'm gonna send out an email letting people know about the party when i can decide on a day that works. this entry is so over


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it IS a toasted cheese sandwich because you cook it on the stove and you toast it... you don't put it on the grill... That's what my mom says anyway.Yea... I just had to let that be known. I must go now, and CLEAN... kill me. But don't put me in hell with Karl. That would be well... hell.

12:33 PM  

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