and i'd rather be in love...with you

ohh michelle branch!

so i'm getting back into the tomb raider level editor. :) fo real this time, yo.

i'm sequeling my stunningly attractive (if i do say so myself) short level ta phrom.

haven't decided on a name yet..but here's some screenies. clickie go biggie!

lemme know if you like those :) and thats just the beginning too, the rest wont be as dark but it'll be even prettier.

i have some great ideas for this level...for instance the part i just finished. you slide down a waterfall which is INSIDE a tree! then you come out at the foot of the tree in a small pool of water. it looks awesome, but i still have a lot of work to do.

so anyway, its 2:46 now and i REALLY need to go to bed. i'm sooo tired! like nobodys BUSINESS. but i'm excited about the level and i dont really wanna sleep. bah!

i'm hoping em can still come over tommorow. it's looking like we cant drive her home, and i dont know whats going on with everything...and she hasn't been online...so i'll probly call her tommorow and see whats up.

lyd came over today and it was fun times! we watched kill bill 2, played a bit o' zelda and talked quite a bit. i loovveee lydia! :)

tommorow i wanna post a list of who is def. coming, def. not coming, or hasnt replied to my email yet as far as my party. cuz i wanna see it with my own two eyes. my eyes really hurt...

so i should go to bed...

and i'm gonna go do that. lemme know if you like those screens, peepz!

night ^_~


Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

OMG! Your level looks awesome! I'm actually getting back to the LE sometime soon. I'm going to do my next post about that, so check it out, eh?

9:49 AM  
Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

[Jackie Chan Adventures uncle voice] One more thing! [/Jackie Chan Adventures uncle voice] It might be nice to have those images open in a new window. But I'm just nit-picky about that, so don't listen to me...
Also, I wanted to say I like the last one the most. Really cool ;)

12:42 PM  

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