cuz it feels so empty, without me

anyone want to adopt me for a while? i really cant stand my family anymore. would it feel empty without me here? i know katie and my mom would be upset. kasey would be bored. but ir eally cant take it anymore. everyone is always hanging around here. karl is always home. he needs to go to WORK! jesus christ. its always "oh karl is tired becuase he's working all the time" but how can he work when he's always HANGING AROUND THE GOD DAMN HOUSE, taking up the phone, the sink, the shower, the internet, whatever seems to be most important at the time. and hes' fuckign annoying and making these god damn lame comments and yu just want to STRANGLE HIM. the 3 of them were up there when i was trying to make mac and cheese, and they were just hanging around yelling at each other and i was like glaring at the microwave, as if it got me into this mess. i thoguht the house was friggen empty when i got there,m but there goes the freakin' party van and michelel and karl start hanging around. as if kasey wants being annoying enough.

whats worse, the mac and cheese came out horrible. the original kind is just gross, i can only eat spirals or spongebob now. i've found there IS different cheese, plus orignal just SUCKS. so here i am with a gross bowl of mac and cheese, waiting for karl to stop hanging around in there so i can go dump it out. and wash out my freaking bowl and big spoon thing. because he had to take up the sink for like 10 minutes cooling down the stew. at the least convienient time. and he was standing there whistling out of tune in his boxers. which is fucking disgusting because he really needs to shave his back or something. my god.

i hate this family, its so fucked up. i wish karl had got that business where he had to go on a business trip like half the month or whatever. i know that sounds mean, and half of you think i'm some sadistic fuck, but you dont live with them. they would drive you crazy too. i cant even think about this right now. joe, jack, and vanessa are coming over in an hour. hopefully the house will be empty, and this mac and cehese will have been disposed of by them.

in my rage, i forgot to call em back..i was gonna leave a funny message.

i called up and the message was hey you've reached {their number here, im not putting it online} we're not here right now etc. press *1 if you want to leave a message for cecil or eloise, *2 for brandi or kaylee, or *3 for emily or talula. (talula is ems cat, for those of you who dont know) and i was gonna call back and say "hey talula...still wanna go see that movie tonight? what, your new catfood is no good? awww thats no fun! well, call me back!" and then be like "actually. i'm not calling for talula! its crack for em. call me back." lol.... i'm so witty

but in my rage, i forgot to get the phone...well i'll go do that in a few.

just give me a sign, say anything say anything...

oh i miss my GC days.

people really need to stop walking back and forth upstairs. its so annoying. it wakes me up every morning. footsteps going that way, the other way, everywhere. it doesnt stop. it keeps going. and i'm like oh my goodness i'm going to go knock that person out. and it also signifies that people are hanging around the house and i hate that. i wish it was 3 lol, i really need my friends. *sigh*

please dont walk away, i know you wanna stay, just give me a sign, say anything say anything

i'm fallin, i'm fallin, i'm fallin down...
i'm fallin, i'm fallin, i'm fallin down...
down, Down, DOWN!!!!!!!
dont say a word, i know you feel the same
just give me a sign, say anything say anything
pelase dont walk away, i know you wanna stay
just give me a sign, say anything say anything
pleeeeasee dont leave! say anything say anythign
pleseeeasee dont leave!! say anything say anything!

oh GC. <33333

this house has no freaking FOOD. i'm gonna go scout the premises, clean my bowl out thats up there, grab the phone, and if nobody is around, i'll bring my mac and cheese disaster up to the trash. then i'll come back and call em.



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