everybody, get into it, get STOOPID!

so i've declared my eternal love for the black eyed peas. this is their 4th single i've fallen in love with, and i'm now listening to the rest of the cd. they have a lot of good stuff!

today at work was blahhh... that place really goes to crap during the week, when i'm not there. nobody emptied out the juice things all week so when i got there it was overflowing all over the place. (you know, the little containers under the juice spout, so if people spill some it goes into that) and it had obviously been there for days, since it shredded my napkins even when i put lysol and stuff on it. everyone leaves their crap everyhwere and i hate it..lol

i <3 kelly, laurie, and that new girl whose name i'm not sure of. she's relaly nice :)

jamie wasnt too psyched today when i asked to take tommorow off...i mean i figured it wouldnt even be open! who goes to a furniture store on the 4th of july??!?!?! bah! but i said i'd make extra cookies in the boxes, and everything is wicked stocked up, so he said it'd be fine. and i'm glad :)

so i'm hungry. i'm gonna go eat somethin, maybe i'll write later. i <333333333 the black eyed peas! and YOU!


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