hmmmmm...what to get me...

for those of you who were wondering what to get me for my bday....


i'm dead serious people. actually what i really want is a time turner from harry potter. i've been thinking so much about this stuff lately and i really think its the coolest thing ever.

its so interesting reading all the theories online. people write so much about it. all the sites i've read say its possible- as long as we can constrain black holes and whatnot.

even though there are many paradoxes (go back in time, kill your grandmother, you were never born, you never went back in time, she was never killed...?!?!?!) physicists and people are all like there is no law of physics that prevents it. it is possible, we just have to learn how to do it. i think thats soooo cool.

i've been obsessed with the song "forward to time past" by john williams. it is on the prisoner of azkaban soundtrack, the song where harry + hermione use the timeturner. its so cool, full of clocks and gears and backwards stuff. that whole soundtrack is great! i <3 double trouble and lumos especially, in addition to forward to time past. i love the line something wicked this way comes. i made a new secret screen name based on it, i wont write it here or it wont be SECRET!

so anyway. actually in all seriousness, if oyu really want to know what to get me, a gift cert for suncoast, hot topic, best buy, electronics boutique or really any good store at the mall would be great. i would also LOVE a cert from bobs stores, because i worship bobs stores. thats kinda out of the way though, so you dont have to. alternatively, i would also love the switchfoot cd "beautiful letdown" but dont all of you get that! hehe.

of course joke gifts are fun too :)

but you dont have to get me anything, i wont care. i'm usually broke all the time too lol. seems the only times i really need money i just spent it all. bah-leerg!

so my dad is coming at 5:30-5:45 and we're going out to eat at some fancy place and then to see spiderman2. my dad was like its either that or dodgeball...i'm like SPIDERMAN. lol. i would also love to see harry potter 3 again hehe :D but i will soon. def! if im lucky, maybe by the time i get home. nah thats not happening.

i'm only staying at my dads one night this weekend, tommrow they're going to a party and im not going back for saturday night. it'd be pointless, i'd get there at like 8 and in 2 hours we'd all be asleep, then i'd wake up and go to work the next day. bunch of extra driving for no reason.

so i'll be back tomorow (saturday) around 6, after work that is. then i have work sunday (luckily i am missing katies CRAZY party) until 5. so either of those days i am free. plus i'm free all next week.

it sucks cuz i REALLY need to have a talk with vanessa about something but she's going to be gone all week. no offense to the rest of you but its not something i can talk to you about..haha :P

oooh! so my mom took katie and i grocery shopping today, and we made a KILLING. awesome food! bunch of different kidns of cranberry juice, pokemon (the other day i watched pokemon and yu gi oh for old times sake hehe, i'll probly keep watching them too) and spiral mac and cheese (like 8 boxes) ice cream, freezy pops, nilla wafers for me :) my special treat. and lots of other stuff too. GRANNY SMITH APPLES! *bows down and prays* digiorno and celeste pizzas..lotsa stuff.


i'm gonna post for you my mp3 player playlist. its crazy random and theres lotsa harry potter tunes but you can deal- (btw with birthday money from the fam and money from work i'm buying a new CDMP3 player from iRiver, it'll play hundreds of songs off of one cd)

1-)Redemption by Switchfoot
2-)Anxiety by the Black Eyed Peas
3-)Family Reunion by blink-182
4-)Dip It Low by Christina Milian
5-)Watch Me Shine by Vanessa Carlton
6-)Double Trouble by John Wiliams
7-)Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
8-)Until The Day I Die by Story of the Year
9-)Sic Transit Gloria by Brand New
10-)Forward to Time Past by John Williams
11-)This Is Your Life by Switchfoot
12-)Lumos! (Hedwig's Theme) by John Williams
13-)Nothing Better by The Postal Service
14-)Dare You To Move (Video Version) by Switchfoot
15-)Soar by Christina Aguilera
16-)Aunt Marge's Waltz by John Williams.

thats the most random playlist ever..i have christina milian+aguilera, the black eyed peas, john williams, the postal service, story of the year and switchfoot. and some other stuff obviously but still. its like linkin park and snoop dogg! wtf!

i dont even have anything remotely rockish on there, unless you count until the day i die.

havent listened to that song in a while so i threw it on there. the other day when i was walking to davidians i totally rocked out to that song. boobing and whatnot :D dare you to move i also get very into. and this is your life- my new second favorite switchfoot song. i dont have to tell you which is my favorite.

so i'm just rambling and you're probably all getting bored. lol...so i'll leave now and go play aod for an hour or so.

i'll be back tommorow no later than 6:30.


have a lovely day :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna put my name first so, I don't forget. This is Emily.

OMG!!! I ABSOULETLY LOVE ice cream, nilla wafers, granny smith apples, and celeste pizzas. hehehe. Party at Cracks!! and eat all of his food... I'll bring popcorn. hahaha. And my OWN nilla Wafers bizatch! Do you remember when I went online and I told you I was eating nilla wafers and you were like OMG!!! I LOVE THOSE! ohhhh good times.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miiike! I'm gonna miss u when I'm gone for the.. i think 5 days i'm in maine lol. I pratically worship granny smith apples too! rock on.
ooh, and that thing u gotta talk to me about, i hope everything's ok! well, gotta go, have fun w/ you daddy-o
love, VG!

9:13 PM  

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