i. hate. boys. period.

nahhhh jk! but seriously. kasey and jeff suck. they're in here playing xbox because my TV kicks ass and kaseys room is a dump, and they're just trashing every song i play.

its actually hilarious, i'm making some great comments, but whatever.

so i havent written in a few days but whatever.

my comp died today, it just kept crashing when i logged in. lucky jeff was here and got me into safe mode, then i was able to copy files over to the dell, then i formatted this computer and took back my other files. so i didnt lose music, pictures, i didnt lose much of anything. just the virus, and my organized winamp playlists :/ i have to format EVERY SONG over. oh well! i've already got A-D done in like 20 minutes. its worth it.

i met somebody new today. 3 people actually, 1 that i really liked. his friend andrea introduced them, she's a lesbian and he (andrew) is lonely and stuff. then i talked to him a bit. i had picture him the whole time as being a small cute kid, and surprise, he was! he's in florida until august, unfortunately.

i need to think that over.

hmm what else can i write about now....i need to install TRLE thats what i really want to do.

i reorganized my buddy list today.

the boys, the girls, the boiss, the grrls, the family, the alter-egos, and the others.

boys is straight boys, girls is straight girls, boiss is gay boys, grrls is gay girls, family is family, alter-egos is my other sns, and the others is people i dont like.

i unlinked darkspark today *teary eyes* FAREWELL!!!

so harry potter didnt work. matroska sucks! but there is an AVI file on the way. 3.0% :/

ughhh...anyway i'm out.


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