i'm gonna shake up the system

ohhhhh good song! (die another day) so, my day, from start to finish, with only certain details left out.

10:00 - alarm goes off "lets get retarded" by the black eyed peas. i decide to reset it to 10:40, then i try to go back to bed, but my mom knocks like minutes later, quietly and im like mehh and shes like you should get up soon, people are coming at noon and i want to cut your hair. so i go upstairs, cross the kitchen in my "hair ware" (basically crappy old clothes i dont mind getting hairy) and michelle goes "whoa" and i'm like FUCK YOU BITCH. then i go in my moms room and surprise! karl is there too. its like jeez does everyone have to see me looking so skanky? so then i wait for my mom and she cut my hair. it doesnt look too bad, its really short though. bob would cry. too bad... theres a bit o' green left, but i'm going to highlight it pretty soon anyway, it'll look fine. so then karl put me to work husking corn, moving things around, and unwrapping things. a certain someone came over *hyperventilates* and then after a while i hung out with katie and keri. then at some point i checked AIM, and ian had a message up that said something about that he had nothing to do today, yet again. so i left him a message saying he was welcome to come over and party with us. gave him address and phone #, then waited for lyd and janine, who arrived shortly thereafter. always wanted to use THAT in a sentence.

so my mom invited diane mattuck, and eileen (her daughter, freshman at TRHS) obviously didnt really want to come. that or she was just naturally quiet. but when lyd and janine got here we offered to play pictionary with michelle and her. so we went upstairs and played, and i got black eyed peas and switchfoot burning down here so we'd have something to listen to. i <3 those bands. so that was a fun game, some tough ones but we lived. then michelles cousin kristin came in for the last few rounds, and after that michelle and her went into the pool. janine brought my present up when we got scattergories, and its AWESOME. they kept being all "if you dont like it, blame lyd" but i LOVED IT. janine had drawn matt from digimon (who i love, btw) and it looked awesome :) and they got me all different color sex bracelets, and a hot topic shirt that reads "sorry, i dont do girls" i'm like OH EM GEE hehehe. it'll be fun. i cant wear it too often, cuz people would be freaky about it, but i'll def. wear it when i can. it might help me sometime :)

i'm def. wearing it to six flags on september 19th, which we are SO going to!

so then we played a few rounds o' scattergories, and then waited downstairs for ian, who came shortly thereafter :D oh and btw, he called during scattergories. that might clear up the confusino lol. yes, confusino..i dont feel like fixing it. shut up its 12:24 bitch!

yay right thurr is playing.

ANYWAY BACK TO MY STORY. so we all changed, and went in the pool. it was freakin' 86 and good times. there was alot of drowning each other (which was good times) and splashing and stuff. <333 janine lyd and pinky!

btw people call ian pinky because his hair used to be pink. he did all colros too, but he doesnt do that anymore. ah well! but em calls him beefy, and i still have yet to find out why o_O

so we called jack at some point during the madness, and jane cain answered and was like "IM ON MY WAY!!!" and i was like WO! (ohhh mya :p) but then we cleared up that i wasnt jackie, mad that i wasnt picked up yet. lol. so then i arranged for jack to call me back, and she did...


shortly thereafter.

sorry had to say it! :P so we arranged that matt would pick us up at quote: "5 5:30 kinda ish" ohh good times!

we stayed in the pool well past 5, and we were like yea we'll go in in a few minutes..few more minutes...lol. then karl was like MAHHH (hehe stamps fist lyd) EAT SOME FOOD!!! btw karl was being bitchy all day, esp when we were helping set stuff up. he was like you cant stay hungry ALL DAY! and i was like watch me bitch. but after we got out i had 2 hotdogs and a fudgicle. im gonna get another one when this entry ends.

my mom said before we left that she wanted me home by midnight. more on that later.

so matt picked us up at like 6:15...lol...and we got there and just kinda hung out for a while. matt had sears trading cards, which turned out to be coupons. then we ended up upstairs watching aladdin and a crazy panda/crazy cat doing dances. we were all like awww i <3333 aladdin. and who doesnt? it was good times. then we went downstairs and ate stuff, before joe showed up. so get this- matt drove ian, lyd, janine and i, and joe drove jack. joe later told me they were like "ok everyone hates us..." but i really didnt want to leave lyd and janine alone with either driver, and lets face it...ian with jack? not happening :p so sorry guys, lol. then after some confusion, we ended up at the fireworks. i talked to nathan for a while, well actually everyone did but i talked to him most :) he's gonna call me when he gets the new phone cards, and he said he mailed like 4 notes. i was like omg i love you nate. he needs to get home!

the fireworks were freakin' loud but they were really short. so like 15 minutes later we left, deciding to go to wendys. i went with ian and matt, and we saw a bumper sticker that read "kinky is using a feather, perverted is using the whole chicken" and it was funny. i told ian i'd remember it for him. its going in his info, yo! but after driving through white city, we decided to go back through white city and to friendlys, cuz it was open. i got a mud pie madness, as usual. good times!

oh, and matt said the best thing EVER.

"crack's the quiet one liner type...he'll stay quiet for a few minutes, then come up with a great one liner. and its beautiful." i was like awww thanks lol. i'm not really that quiet, at least i wasnt this time. but still, he hit the nail right on the head. god dammit i hate that phrase. i vow never to use it again. anyway. that was fun! then we were just hanging around for a while, before we decided that friendlys needed us to leave. so we went and hung out and decided who would drive who. ended up matt and jack taking lyd and janine, and joe taking ian and i. otherwise nobody would make their curfew pretty much. so partway through the ride joe asked me if i wanted to come for the ride, and of course i did :) we had to drop ian in clinton. joe sang "rainbow connection" during the way there, it was just BEAUTIFUL joe :D

then we dropped him off, and all the things she said came on. which is extreemlly ironic but i cant tell you why. god i was surprised to hear that song. i loooveee it. so joe and i both sang it. then die another day came on, and i love that too so we sang it.

then we had a discussion about something hehe. it was funny.

then joe got me home - get this - EXACTLY at midnight. like his clock said 0:00 cuz its military and ghetto, and the clock inside said 12:00. i was like joe you're amazing. lol.

so i peed and used proactiv, and now here i am, 40 minutes later, typing an entry for my journal..oh what a loser i am! so i'll probly change and go right to bed, i'm exhausted. it was quite a day.

jack and matt want to do somethin with me tommorow, and em is coming home.

i'd love to have ian and em over to swim this week, we'd been talking about that for a while but haven't done it yet.

so i have a feeling its gonna be a busy week. i'm really afraid that people might not have got my uninvitation (my party was cancelled, FYI) and might just show up tommorow and noon and i'll probly be asleep and they'll be like WTF. lol. i know kelly didnt know until a bit ago.

bah its my dads weekend! i dont mean that in a bad way, i mean i love going over there, but last time was kinda ehhh..everything got kinda effed up (at least for katie) and nathan was uncontrollable. screaming all the time. god i felt so bad for them. hopefully this time will be better.

so this friday will be the 2-week anniversary of using proactiv. and i've been good about it, only missed 2 applications and thats not bad. esp when added that i havent missed the other 26. i really hope it works, most people see changes after 2-3 weeks. i'm willing to wait all summer, i just want to look good again for school and stuff. for obvious reasons, eh?

anyway you probly didnt need to hear that..but i talk about nearly everything in here. nearly everything.

so today was awesome. i love all of you. joe, jack, matt, ian, lyd, janine...you guys made my day. thank you.

and i hope everyone else had a great fourth of july as well.

love always,

<3 cracktastic


Anonymous Anonymous said...

miike! it's vanessa, i'm glad u all had fun! i really wished i couldve been there, i got home at like 4 though and had no ride. and yes, i got your un-invitation thing lol
well, tata!

10:32 AM  

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