ima showya howta make ya man say wo

oh that was soooo ghetto of me! of course.

ugh my throat is like pulling me down! all day i wanted to swim with everyone but i knew that would just make it worse. its like extremely painful. its not anythign big thoguh, its just something that happens. i had it in new zealand, and a few months ago. its just when i swallow it feels like i'm swallowing a brick or something. it reallly hurts and i cant think of like anything else. ughhh and all i wanna do is eat and drink!

but alas, we have no food.

speaking of the word alas, we saw harry today instead. lemme explain my morning:

i had set two alarms, one 10 minutes after the other one. 8:45 and 8:55. so the 8:45 one goes off, i have a vague recollection of it, and then i thought the song was ending when the 8:55 one ended, so i THOGUHT the first alarm had gone off, but in fact they both had. so i just kept sleeping, and eventually i was like hmmm. i got up and lookd at my watch and it was like 9:36. at first i was like lalala 9:36 what a lovely time. then i was like SHIT eileens gonna be here any minute!

so i like RAN up to the shower and as soon as i turned on the water the door bell rang...so i go out in my towel and im like hey...lol. and she was like if you need some time to get ready i'll go get sarah and come back. so that she did. and then we got to the movies and ian, em, matt, eric (eric ente, went to a movie with him and a few others once) james and katie were already there. and they were like hey..king arthur isnt playing at 10:15...they cancelled it for chicken run soemthing or other. we were all like WTF. but we ended up going to see harry potter 3 again (i could watch that movie ALL DAY its like sex) and i love that movie.

oh GOD i love that movie. its like perfect.

so then james left and the rest of us went back to matts, where jack and her mom were on the fast track to GETTING THE HELL OUT OF THERE. lol. so for a while everyone was swimming, except me cuz i felt like crap the whole time. then em and i called like 5503323 pizza places and NONE of them would deliver to berlin. so we decided eileen and ian would go out and get pizza from P & S pizza in clinton (named penis pizza by em and i) and they came back a bit later and ate. at some point katie left, and colleen arrived in her BIGASS TRUCK even though colleen is the smallest and nicest girl ever. its ironic. then mark batstone showed up. then he left. then em and i waited for her mom, who never showed up. so matt gave us both a ride home.

and that was my day :) i'm gonna go make some hot chocolate since hot chocolate and pepsi are the only things that really help my throat. i'm gonna ask my mom for some cough drops or something when she gets home, which should be any minute now.

it hurts so BAD OH MY GOD. ughhh... well ttyl! enjoy the new changes i made :)

haha btw, i stayed up till 5 this morning. i tried to go to bed between like 1 and 3, then at 3 i wsa like FUCK THIS im not falling asleep. so i got on the comp and read peoples journals, then made mine all pretty. all the new backgrounds were done in photoshop and stuff. :)

ok leaving for real now, byebye!


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