its a bittersweet symphony, this life

trynna make ends meet, trynna find some money then you die
i'll take you down the only road i never been down
you know the one that takes you to the places where all the things meet yea

<3 bittersweet symphony by the verve. awesome song.

so i redesigned today..and i like it..and it looks good...but i'm having second thoughts about using blogger. i went back to xanga for a bit today, and i discovered some very cool blogrings, and some amazingly designed journals.

i really love blogger, its easy and you can change everything around...but there are no blog rings, private entries, etc. bah! i cant find the perfect blog site.

so the songs of today are broken by seether/amy lee and bittersweet symphony.

gah i feel like crap. my throat still hurts and stuff....urg. tommorow it looks like i'm going out to king arthur with sarah and a bunch of people. :)

i sent out a GSA newsletter today, besides that i really didnt do much. i slept really late, after last nights late night level editing.

i'll come back later, im just gonna check out xanga really quickly.


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