john williams is my hero!

in all seriousness. i just love the harry3 soundtrack. a window to the past and secrets of the castle are my two new favorites.

so i'm all obsessed with harry and at this point im DYING TO SEE THE THIRD MOVIE AGAIN!!!

so kasey has left the xbox in my room and its kinda mine for now. last night at 11 i started playing harry 2, and i stayed up until 8 in the morning playing it. i almost had it finished, but i ended up finishing it today. i was very proud of myself lol.

we got the house cup and quidditch cup (i kick ass at quidditch) and i have all the spells and items and stuff. its a wicked fun game.

so i'm gonna read goblet of fire in a few, to distract myself from wanting to see azkaban again so bad. all my downloads so far have failed :/

im downloading some pics of the azkaban game from its official site, but they're taking forever. its 82% done by now.

so em asked if it was ok if i went out on my birthday, and she said she couldnt tell me where but it'd be the 5 of us. i love our 5 people group thing :) i'm all excited now, my birthday is actually coming up pretty fast.

speaking of which, today is the 15th. NATHAN WILL BE HOME SOON!!! he's done with classes today, then he will be coming home tommorow, and on the 17th he'll be here. then we're going to clinton fireworks saturday night (i just remembered i have work..shit) and then to sleep over lyds (if parents agree) and hopefully i can get home by 10:30 or so. i really hope all that works out!

omg i wish i could apparate to solomon pond and see if azkaban is still playing. OMG. *sigh*

i have other things to write about, like lots but as usual i cant.

oooohhh the BEST PART of secrets of the castle is coming on. its so pretty! im using it in my website i think, which i am working on. its pretty too. dark blue/light blue kinda theme, havent chosen any images yet. def. that music though.

so i think its goblet time, with some cran/rasp juice on the side.



Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

Alas, all you Harry Potter talk is making me think I should go see the movie sometime. It looks really good, and it must be if you want to keep seeing it again and again. I read the book though...

4:20 PM  

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