my comp died :-/

so i have to use the crap crap upstairs one..but whatev.
right now its like suspended...the other day it went wicked slow and then just froze, so kasey was messing with it and i restarted, and now i get this screen that doesnt make any sense, so i cant even get on the computer. not even in safe mode. i'm going to have to resort to drastic measures to have it fixed...thats right..you know who i mean.
but whatever. i just want the files that are on it safe and sound. i have pictures from all our trips that arent on the dell, and pictures of you fine people, and over 1200 songs, all sorts of stuff that i dont want lost. so i really hope he who must not be named can fix it.
i'm only calling him that since i'm in such a harry potter esque mood. i finished goblet of fire today, reading at least 70% of it.
so today- boring as hell, i couldnt WAIT to get home. and then barnie comes up and wants me to work tuesday and thursday as well, where i will have to vaccuum.
the whole store.
the whole store.
i'll let that sink in for a minute..
so i just went out and got the phone, and nana & buppa are here, and she gave me more details about what peter had said about it.
apparently the warehouse guys would be glad to pick me up and bring me there during the week.
i dont like the warehouse guys. they are tres tres sketchy. i could see all of them out smoking pot, and they've never been particularly nice to me. i just wanna keep my twice a week cookie job!
i dont want to work more days and miss more parties (i've already missed a ton of important stuff, such as jackie's bday party and teresas going away party) and all for something i'm really sick of, with people i really dont like. and nobody understands. they're like "you'll make more money" i'm like fuck that. good times are better than money.
ughh...and on top of all that my comp is broke and em cant come tonight. i've had a fair few phone conversations in the last 20 minutes and from what i gather, joe james and jack are going out to eat, and lyd and i are picking up the pieces trying to figure out whats going on, or when the fireworks are, or when the hell the seilers are getting home. nathan better be coming tonight or a death squad will soon be visiting the seiler residence...
so john's here, i gotta go
ttyl, yo


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