paint it paint it, paint it black

AHHHHHHHHH so like everyone is here and its like jesus christ people find somewhere to go! i thought i was going out today but i guess not. i think jack gets home at 5 or something, if she worked today. i dont know.

so i get up and surprise, everyone in the house (including john, who slept over) is hanging around upstairs. i dont get what the hell karl is doing home. he's supposed to work, its a WORK DAY. ughhhhadlkfjslk. john katie and i played mario party later, and katie was all pissed because she thought she would win but she lost. so she left, then john and i played perfect dark. then he and katie went in the pool and i talked to nathan for a bit. i went up to visit them in the pool and they were all bitchy about how i should go in the pool, and i was like jesus christ i think i'm sick its a crappy day out and the pool isnt as warm as normal, leave me alone i dont want to go in the fucking pool. so then i go inside and SURPRISE karl and kasey are like watching me. and michelle is watching TV. its like come on find something to DO get out of the house.

my throat is killing me. the usual thing....i hate it. its supposed to be crappy out most of this week. i really just want to get out of here and like do something with em and the cains. joe's working unfortunately :/

oh and eileen came over today...

i'd sent her the invitation and the uninvitation, then sarah told me i'd got her email wrong, that it was a 6 on the end not a 5. sarah had fwd'ed the invitation, but not the uninvitation, so eileen thought the party was still today..so she showed up at like 1 with a present and everything. i felt sooo bad omg. but she didnt care, its no big deal. she got me this cute little toad barn thing, hehe i loved it. it was nice of her, and she really didnt have to get me anything, since we're not too close but it was a nice thought. :) eileen is sooo nice!

so i'm kinda glad the party turned out to not be today. today is crap out, and i feel the same. i really needta see em..she needs to get home already.

ugh i need private posting features on this thing, i have other things to write about. blah!

ok thats enough for now, bye


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