so much for my happy ending

so i'm sick of this weekend and it needs to be over. i wrote a hugeass rant in my secret journal. im not giving the link out, i only want a few people to be able to read it.

i just wrote something out and then erased it, probably for the better.

i just wrote alot more and then erased it, probably for the best. i wont put it online.

anyway i'm going to bed now, i wrote a long entry before and i'm not really feeling like another one.

i hope thursday works out with lyd nessa and i. t'will be good times.

night, y'all


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heey mike! it's vanessa here. i'm sorry thursday didn't work out, i told u i was gonna be gone that week right?? i coulda swore i did! and aw, i hope you're alright, i don't like seeing my friends sad. i give u much luuv =)

8:24 PM  

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