tell me, why you love me like that?

perfect song for one of my current situations. some of you will know it...look into the lyrics. also, us against the world. has double meanings as far as the same situation.

but i will write no more ;)

so i apologize for freaking out on all of you in the last entry. i just needed to blow up at them, lol. but i meant every word. they really do drive a person crazy...

ANYWAY. today was fun after all :) vanessa came over at like 10 past 3 and we waited around for joe and jack. joe had a fun story for us :D so we went downstairs and for a while it was just talking, but then we started playing mario party. i won :D wooo!! jack found out she really has no mario party skills, unfortunately. but that's def a fun game, and i bet we'll play it at the next party we have over here. i <3 mario party muchly. then we played a bit o' pictionary, and joe/jack kicked vanessa/i's ass. i'm really no good at pictionary most of the time, lol. we didnt do too bad, we were right behind them when 6'oclock came around. then vanessa got picked up, and em went online so we talked to her. we ended up picking her up, and kaylee (her niece, for those of you crazy mofos that didnt know that) had to come with us cuz she needed to be babysat. that makes sense right? is babysat a word? i dont know. sit sat. babysit babysat. ANYWAY. kay was all dressed up and stuff, because she thought matt was coming. more on that later!

so we decided on TGI fridays, and katie (not even going to TRY to spell her last name) sat us. i remember the time she worked at bertuccis and we kept trying to call her but she kept walking right by. lol twas funny. that was my initiation! dont worry no hazing was involved :D that was fun times, i miss that stuff from last summer. this summer just started though, there's still 2 months left.

anyway we all ordered, i believe everyone but jack and i got chicken fingers, jack got some chicken thing and i got garlic chicken. kay got a shirley temple, hahaha...thats so classic. she also got an oreo madness (maggots, mangoes, magnets??!?!?! MADNESS!! hehe good times) dessert thing. we all had a little of it. i love when joe tries to feed people lol. anyway that was good, 'cept i felt horrible cuz i only had $3 with me. they never seem to care, but i hate that. i wish my mom had been home before, so i could have had her take money out of my account and give me cash lol. that's what we usually do. but now i have stuff going in through direct deposit and i have my ATM card, she just needs to teach me how to use it. then i'll never be broke :) and im def. gonna treat all those guys some time :)

so then we went back to ems, and em introduced us to her new car, which jack quickly named "diane" and i thought somethin was kinda funny..it was an oldsmobile ciera SL, so i was like diane TUciera....haha diane tucceri...you get it. :p well if you go to tahanto you do anyway. but i didnt make that comment. then kay was driving us all (esp em) insane, and after playing tic tac toe with each of us she decided she wanted to throw dirt all over joe, who wasted no time in getting her back. then kay went inside and we were talking for a few. em went in and then we followed and tried to decide what we were gonna do.

our options were:
1)all go home
2)wait for matt to get home from work and go to fireworks, since joe was going out with james at 10
3)i dont know

and we decided on going to fireworks on sunday instead (holy shit i just looked at my watch and it said saturday, and i didnt realize it was 1AM so i was like SHIT I MISSED WORK TODAY but i didnt..lol) which is tomorow. and im like yay :)

so then we dropped off jack, and joe asked if i wanted to go to the movie. we figured jack wouldnt like it. plus, she gets to go to spiderman 2 with randy johnson (hahahaha poor girl) tommorow morning. party hard! so i was like sure what the hell. we picked up james, then went to the movie.

watched the movie. and now here i am! the movie was good times. have i mentioned lately how much i love my friends?

oh and jack posted our photobooth pics, i forgot to write about that. while we were still at the mall, we went to a photobooth and all managed to fit in there, and we did 4 poses. smile, tongue, bunny ears, and everybody kiss kaylee. then we did like a brady bunch thing, lol it was funny. i'll post a link to the scanned pics tommorow, but i'm too lazy now. i'm so tired. i have to get up in 6.75 hours for work. i really dont want to work tommorow.

hmm...whats going on tommorow as far as work? that was a stupid question now that i think about it. i dont think it'll be open. lol. i'll go check the site, then go to bed.

like good little boys. night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


ohhhh no, i didn't want to go to the movie! you spared me :o)

guess what i did when i came home! DEFINITELY CLEANED MY ROOM. why is it that i only ever feel like cleaning at like, midnight?!

so spider-man with randy johnson....

<3 jack

3:39 PM  

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