wanting you, so desperately...

yea i'm really no good right now. i'm wicked worried about tommorow.
i dont know if my mom called peter and i doubt she did, and im just afraid that because i wont show up someone will call and be all mad at me or something. i really cant do it, and im not going tommorow. and nobodys really said much of anything about it, so its not like i even know what the hell i'll be doing. i dont know what the warehouse guys do.
and im really worried that someones going to be mad. like extremely worried. ughh....
i cant work during the week, it just wont happen. ughh...
and i have this really foreboding feeling that something bad will happen, and i just feel gross and sick because of it.
i worked on my main site quite a bit tonight and it looks nice, but now that i have to put stuff on it i think it's probably as good as done. i'm too lazy to do that right now. i wanna play a game and get my mind off all the shit i'll soon have to deal with.
but first...ice cream!
oh and btw, there is someone i want so desperately. none of you will ever guess, so dont even try.


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