when this is guiding you home

"such great heights" by the postal service.
SO MY COMP IS FIXED!!! par-tay!!!
so heres my last night and this day update. then i have someone special to talk about :)
so yesterday. work sucked ass. speaking of work, i hope my mom called peter and he knows im not coming tomorow because i'm really not. i really cant, and im really never going to.
i had to stay an extra hour late, my mom said she would get me at 5:15-5:30 and ended up coming at 6. what a waste of $9...
so i started cleaning my room (which really didnt need it, i just moved books around and stuff) and halfway through em called and asked if i wanted to go to ians. and i was like sure.
so a bit later her mom picked me up and we got lost but ended up at ians house. it was us, him, lyd and mel. we watched office space and played apples to apples.
so then i went home and finished cleaning my room. everything is really organized and stuff now. no more crap i dont need. i redid that today, cleaning out the other bookshelf and organizing it.
karl fixed my comp today. it seemed like he barely did anything, just typed a few commands and it started up. i was like wtf. i hate computers! lol.
i slept late today, didnt do much of anything besides set things up and make my room perfect.
my room is alot better now, i love it. i made a cd for me to listen to on the xbox so viruscan could run faster (btw it found a virus, which is the source of the problem and its gone now) buit xbox was like MEHHHH we dont LIKE you so i'm playing it on the comp now.
<333 bittersweet symphony
this is my top five songs (of the moment, though the top 2 are very concrete)
1 - dare you to move
2 - bittersweet symphony
3 - two way monologues
4 - tuesday morning
5 - two beds and a coffee machine
<333 those songs!
so those were my two days and top five. i'm very glad nathan is home and my comp works again, but im getting this really gross feeling in my stomach when i think about work. i really cant do the week thing. i just cant. and im not going to.  so whatever.
so i've found someone good now, and i really hope this works out better than last time, but unfortunately i wont be able to see him till august 10th. we're meeting at solomon, which is pretty much perfect. that way i dont have to get in a strangers car, i can just meet them somewhere. so much better. anyway he's wicked cute and we've been talking alot.
omg i LOVE this song. two way monologues by sondre lerche. pretty little norweigan boy with a hot voice and even hotter face. i'm getting more of his music and some other stuff soon.
i really wanna go to the mall. like NOW. so if you are interested, lemme know. nate and i wanna go, with like em/jack/lyd/vanessa or anyone who wants to go.
so i'm in a chat now and i kinda have to go, cant write and keep up with chats. bubbye!


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