where the goats are

jesus fuck blogger's new version sucks. it kept fucking with my code and it took me FOREVER to post this image.

where the goats are

wooo! clickie go biggie! thats lyd and i's big-inside-joke-of-the-moment, and if you look in my info its an ad for it. the sequel is coming soon, it will be just as chilling....

anyway thats what entertained me for a while. i didnt make the images, like the background and the goat, i just edited them. sue me! i did alot of work on it and i think it looks good.

i bet you're wondering why britney spears is the other star...well i wanted to be random. so there ya go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so now the cousins and I have to make a movie...and a longer one. Not this ten minute crap...we're talkin' full length motion picture feature.

Or something....yeah. Woot! I love it! :DDDDD


2:57 AM  

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