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Who wrote the Harry Potter books?

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time for bed.


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first day of school

SO. today....it's been a strange day. (i'm in compy, last period) it was reeeeaalllly long, but every period like flew by. first days are always like that.

i love the first day of school but i hate the first like two weeks after it, because you have to get used to the teacher and the way things are taught and it takes a long time to really get into it. so i'm looking forward to when i get used to stuff.

this keyboard is wicked awesome.

so anyway. i have studies now- but i'm going to need them. english and US history are going to be pretty hard. as far as chem and pre-cal, i think i can handle those. i'm one of those math-science people as opposed to english-history. french is awesome- its me, the cains, chris carton and joo. jack and chris are in "french 2 and a half" so it should be an interesting class.

ok and so the same thing that happened last year is happening again. i remember it was like a week before dane started showing up, and now we have two more foreign exchange kids coming in- ralph and hans. they're in like ALL my classes but they havent been here all day.

rebecca and tom have left our grade forever. my respects to rebecca. i would try to give my respects to tom, but he'd probably think i was LYING. he's such an idiot.

so lets go through my day shall we? homeroom with alice (mrs apostolou, crazy taiwanese chem teacher, everyone calls her alice). i actually think i really like alice. even though she's a little crazy and bossy at times. she likes me, and i answer her questions (like whats the date or whatever) because it seems like she always asks me stuff like that. even last year, if i had her for a study or something.

the schedules were all effed up..we got there and she was like i dont have the schedules, and the office was like we dont have the schedules. and then they said they found them, and she sent us down ("GET UP AND GO DOWN" boomed alice), but they told us to go back up and wait, then the office called and said AGAIN that they had the schedules, and to send someone down and get them. so she sent shawn. then they called again and said they had the schedules. i was like DIE DIE DIE. this was all over a span of 20 minutes, mind you.

that took up all of first period (gym/study) so i didnt get to see vanessa or nik or anyone else that is in my gym class.

2nd period- kickass! thats french 3, already been described. it'll be fun.

3rd period- english. he scared the crap out of us saying how hard the class is going to be. i'm worried. i really hated their eyes were watching god...its like a great story but so hard to interpret the dialect.

4th period- chemtastic. its me and 3 other friends in the back corner, as alice towers over everonye else. she doesnt actually tower (for those of you who dont know her) because she's wicked short. but still. it'll be a good class..its a bit big though.

5th period- history. pacheco is wicked funny, but he's going to lay down the work this year. the class is good people and its small, so i dont have to worry about getting made fun of. hasn't happened yet.

6th period- precalc. i already know i'm going to love this one. even though its a huge class and generally i hate those (i did amazingly well in maki's 7-people class last year) franny is really nice and i like her grading/extra credit methods.

7th period- compy. here i am. she's giving us a free period since we're kinda stuck upstairs. katie has IA8 at the same time as my compy class every other day, so our room is going to switch around alot. sigh. i love compy though. compy, gym/study, french, and precal are going to be my fave classes, i predict.

SO. summary of the day. its going to be a tough year, a really tough year, but i will grin and bear it because i know next year is going to be much better. i wanna take psychology, french 4, some kind of computer class, i'd love to TA for someone (if i can get out of gym for this), AP calc, physics, english 4. the last 3 might be kind of hard but hey, it'll be worth it.

so in compy, it looks like kevin and i will be doing the website this year. by kevin and i, i mean me. i honestly dont think he'll be that into it. but hey thats fine, i like doing stuff by myself anyway.

oh. so i saw someone today. and i got extremely worried. because theres something that i'm assuming and i hope i'm wrong, because if i'm right someone is going to be very upset. but i cant say it, because i say things like these far too often. though i'm quite sure i'm right in this case...

ANYWAY. it hit me in chem that i have school every day from now for a loooong time. i dont know what my subconcious was thinking..something about having summer after the first day of school. i just didnt realize what the start of school meant. sigh.

its going to be a good year, but a long year. a hard year. i'm just glad i have studies and stuff. and i have friends in all my classes, and whatnot.

this entry is so over.


forward to time past

so now, everything is to do with time. i reached 100 posts a little while ago (at laras home forums) and Bex changed my member title thingy to time-raider, and i made all these crazy cool wallpapers (http://jackie.wyk.edu.hk/c5/blog2/walls.htm) and i was like whoa i should make a new version. lol so i did.

i dont feel like writing much else right now. i'm waiting for kasey to get home so i can find something to do. i should eat, get ready for school tommorow, but i dont feel like doing any of that right now.

i should level edit for a bit. with a snack. after i skim through my summer reading again (since i like forgot it all already) then get my stuff packed.

this time i'll post screens, and i might post a pic of my room with the dragon and prayer flags. i freaking love my room.

oh and if anyones wondering, biohazard and Megan are from laras home forums :) i dont know much about BH but Megan made some wicked nice wallpapers and posted them on the forum (which inspired me to make some of my own) so yeah. i always feel like i have to clarify when a new person shouts lol.

ANYWAY time for skimming the book/getting a snack/level editing

pass the time in my room alone

adams song by blink-182. thanks katie!

so. i have 10 minutes until i have to wash off my "refining mask" and go to bed. its 2:20....i shouldn't have stayed up this late. i have to be going to bed at like 10 tommorow night, or no way i'll get up early enough for school.

i really want to avoid writing about the trip again. it wasnt bad. ptown was awesome, the highlight of the trip (and the movies with jill) but i really hate hate hate camping. karl was tolerable (even likeable) a lot of the time, but he still ended up being bossy/an insufferable know-it-all/suck-the-fun-out-of-everything-er after all. i hate him a little less than i used to.

we had to wait like all day to go home, we could have just left in the morning after a stop in ptown but noooo we have to go on a 4 hour whale watch (we saw NO whales, btw...me and katie slept through it) and then it'll be too trafficky to leave, so lets hang around at the campsite more, then eat, then leave, and still be in the traffic. good plan.


i hate camping, i really hope i never have to go again. i missed kasey like crazy, it really takes a balance of him and michelle to pull off a trip like that, but it was just michelle the whole time. i mean girls are great, i get along with them great, but sometimes i just need to talk to a guy. other than karl. peter doesn't really count, seeing as he's my gay uncle.

so anyway, ptown was awesome. i got 2 posters- kill bill and a harry potter 2 one, featuring the polyjuice potion. its coolerino.

i got 4 new necklaces at the coolest store in the world, all those for $10 was a hot deal.

i got this cool lamp and a string of lights to match it, one of those chinese ball-ish lanterns, a string of really really nice tibetan prayer flags (pic coming soon)

oh and also they have a dont panic store there. turns out its a gay company and they are based in ptown and some other places. i bought a gay pride bracelet and the really hot gay cashier gave me two "i kiss boys" stickers. i was like i love you and your hotness.

everyone is so god damn hot there.

so more will come tommorow. we have to do some unpacking tommorow, unfortunately. im getting up at 10..such a crappy "transition" but seeing as how its 2:30 and im still up...

anyway, speaking of 2:30, i need to go wash my face.

another reason i hate camping- my face looked like shit while i was there. never go 4 days without proactiv again. oh yeah, and i will never wear those outfits i had to wear there again. ew.


i'm leaving you all now!

so i gotta pack. i'm writing one more entry.

here's my skedge:

1 gym/study (day 2 with neusch, days 4 + 6 with frannie)
2 french/barry
3 english/doherty
4 chem/posty-loo!
5 history/steve-a-licious
6 pre-cal/frannie
7 compy/velazquez

woot and a half. so heres this that jack and i were saying:

immensenight19: i found out today i have like 80,000 classes with nicole
jXackie: you're taking 80,000 classes?
immensenight19: i'm using my time turner
jXackie: hehehe.

cuz nik and i def. have 4 classes together. and that kicks A LOT of ass.

i made two new secret sns...but i can't tell you o_O

ok i'm leaving now. bye!

shot myself in the foot...

perhaps i shouldn't have told my mom WHICH friend i wanted to meet up there. she went straight up to michelles sulky room and told her jill was going to be there.

now michelles coming with us :/

now i can only think of how horrible she's going to make the drive-in. its like come on michelle, you see her all the time at school and i never get to, cant you just not come. ugh. i sound horrible but seriously. this would be so much more bearable if it was just karl my mom katie and i. maybe katie and i could learn to like karl after spending a few days without his kids. i'd much rather kasey go than michelle. i dont know why he isn't going, but i really wish he was. he's so kind and mild mannered compared with michelle. especially lately.

toilet? what toilet? i've never seen a toilet in my life?


anyway i'm just having myself a rant. i know some of you that read this like michelle, but seriously, try living with her. try having her blame everything in the house that goes wrong on YOU.

i dont want her to freaking come. i should go up and tell her jill and i cancelled our plans or something.

but i hate lying.

maybe i should just grin and bear it, and try to be obvlivious to her bitchyness at the drive-in. i hate having to share friends :/

still though, if i wasnt seeing jill, and my uncle wasnt taking me to p-town, i would NOT be going. why give up the chance to spend 4 days alone? especially right before school. i wont get another chance. probably ever. but there are people outside immediate family (if you can call us one) that i care about :)

so jill and peter, i am doing this for you. and you alone.

oh, and katie. because she'd like cry if i stayed home.

i wish kasey would go. jesus fuck i really do. even if he's obnoxious the whole time. i dont give a damn.

i can't rant anymore, not in this journal. i should've kept my bigass mouth shut though, i really shot myself in the foot this time.

this better be fun, god dammit.

i miss you, miss you so bad

umm im not aiming that quote, or the song at anyone in particular. i just love the lyrics. though i haven't heard from andrew at all lately. :/

so camping tommorow! i knwo you all just think i'm using a 4 day 3 night camping trip as an excuse to not update, but i'm seriously going.

i'm kind of looking forward to it. i mean we're going to p-town, i get to hang out with jill and go to that drive in, but i wish i could have some more days of summer when we get home. i only have one, then BAM school starts. bad news.

anyway i hope you all like the new version, i know i do.

so vanessa came over today :) we walked and met each ohter half way, then came back. i showed her my level (you have NO FREAKING IDEA how proud i am of that cutscene) then we watched resident evil, then TR2. we nearly finished it.

i got the full AOD soundtrack last night, its available mostly on tombraiderchronicles.com. i'm gonna put some on my mp3 player, i love it. its almost as good as the POP one.

so i have to get up for 8 to help karl load the bikes. i really dont want to, but otherwise i'll have to go with him and kasey (if kasey is going, i dont think so for some reason) and the rest, instead of just my mom and katie. which i'd much rather do. id rather load the bikes later, or not at all, but those are not options.


anyway thats enough, i need to go to bed!



so today was actually quite a good day. but before i write about that, im going to write about last night/early this morning.

nathan and i stayed up till SEVEN AM. SEVEN. no earlier. i dont know if he stayed up any later, but i sure didn't.

last night i was trying to redesign my journal, but i ended up reading fanfics, which i immediately sent to nathan. have i mentioned my love for tom felton/draco malfoy lately? i simply love the actor and his character. *sigh* i think my new version is going to be quite slytherin-ish. it'll be a dark green/silver/black kinda thing, with maybe some maroon/purple ish in there. speaking of maroon, i hope the concert was fun guys!

anyway we were up till 7 reading fics, then i went to bed and katie got me up at 2 saying diane would be there in an hour to pick us up. i took my time getting ready, and at about 2:40 a van pulled in and katie started FREAKING OUT because neither of us were near ready, and she was like "JUST THROW YOUR STUFF IN THE BAG AND RUN!!!!!" (sorry katie but its too precious to pass up) she always gets worked up about stuff with daddy/diane. if karl pulled in we'd take our bloody time. i'm reading too much harry potter, i just used the word bloody as an adjective not related to death. i almost said reckon the other day. i love harry potter. jk rowling is my hero!

anyway, it wasnt diane, it was michelle getting dropped off from babysitting. when i was ready to go i went and knocked on her door, with no answer. i went in and grabbed the summer reading book, putting $7.00 where it was (as she wanted me to pay for half..blarg) and diane showed up soon after and we left.

unfortunately..i forgot deodorant and i hadn't shaved that morning. :-/ and yes, you all NEEDED to know that. i always forget stuff when i go here. always.

anyway, it was a day of pool/tacos/and staying up extremely late by accident.

when the 3 of us got out of the pool (after a serious stepfam rant) it was 11:11 and i wished for something none of you need know about, then we went downstairs and started watching anaconda (because it was on..lol. it SUCKED) and my dad fell asleep like instantly. then david letterman was on, i drifted in and out for that, then some golf thing was on and i woke up and decided i really wasnt tired anymore, went upstairs for a bit, came back down, and when my dad got up i pretended to be asleep (so he wouldnt think i was in on the staying-up-till-1:30-business) and he was all "you have to get up early" which i do. he'll be waking me up in 6 hours. :-/

I DONT WANT TO GO TO WORK. i have to tell jamie that i need to take next weekend off. that sucks! as much as i'm sick of my job, i HAVE to go every weekend, as much as i dont want to. i know its the perfect job and it couldn't get much better, but honestly, another busy day like the other week and i swear i'll snap at someone. anyway, for a while things will slow down, everyone got their shopping done on no tax day, its beautiful out, and since the summer is over people will have other things to do than go to furniture stores. then for the winter its supposed to be crazy ass busy.

al keeps asking me if i'm doing this for just a summer job or if i'll keep it. i get the odd suspicion he doesn't like me. he's uber sketchy. one time i was making cookies upstairs (back in the olden days) and i just came up to check on them, they needed 15 more minutes, and he was up there so i was like hi and stuff. then i said i should probably get downstairs and see how things were going, and he was like nahh theres nothing going on down there. and i was like SKETCHTASTIC. it doesnt sound sketchy now, but if you were there...

i just dont like al. or some other people there.

but seriously, its the best job i can find, its weekend only, really good pay, and its fucking easy. most of the time anyway. i have great people skills.

speaking of which, my mom says i should be a psychologist or a counselor. and i totally agree. not only am i great at reading people/understanding people/giving advice, it seems like it would be an interesting job, not to mention you make a killing. not to sound...bad or something. but i really want to have a lot of money. i want some really cool house, not much more but just a cool house. i dont want a fancy shmancy car or something, i just want a cool house. i'm dead serious, people.

anyway i think that would be good for me...

hmm. i know i wont be able to go to bed if i try, so i'm going to keep writing.

anyway after work tommorow, i'll be back here by 7, we'll eat, watch a movie/play a board game, then i'll be back on here (hopefully) to talk to you fine people, then i'll be up at 10 to get ready for work again. then, sunday night, daddy's taking katie and i to see AVP. i think its stupid, and i dont really care, but hey, i'll see it. my dad loves alien. i think its a great series, and i love it too, but the whole concept of AVP is STUPID. just like freddy versus jason. i mean come on. a part of me wants to see it though, and i love going to the movies, so sure.

then (thank god) he's dropping us off at home. i was afraid i'd have to stay another nght here. that sounds horrible...but i love staying at home.

i mean i love coming here and seeing everyone and stuff, but i wish i could sleep at home. my room here isn't really that good (its practically a closet in the basement, where diane does her knitting or whatever...) and i dont sleep well. i do avoid all the screaming baby nonsense, but still. i would much rather be at home sunday night than here, thank you very much. as much as i hate saying that, and i feel awful.

i love staying here though, i mean the whole house is clean and full of food, and theres no lazy michelle watching tv or karl runnning around all over the place...


i just love my room at home, i can do anything i want and nobody knows about it. i can watch the freaking sunday night sex show and stay up till 7 in the morning reading fanfics and nobody cares. that shit wouldn't fly here, my dad doesn't like that i stay up late during the summer.

honestly, i'm just a nocturnal person. i think better at night. nobody else is around, and i like being alone sometimes. so i stay up. nathan now understands why i sleep so late. maybe if you other people stayed up late you'd realize how much fun it is :p

anyway i dont really want to work, but i dont not-want to work. i just hope its slow and i can read the stupid summer reading book, and maybe someone will come and talk to me for a while. be it friendly employee or kind old lady, i love talking to nice people at work. i talked to the nicest woman once..she musta been in her 50s. she was so nice and she didnt treat me like some punk teenager. honestly, katrina over there acts like i'm a little kid. i know she doesnt mean to, she's nice and i love her, but she just acts like that. i'm really not the common teenager, alot of you know that. i'm proud of that about myself.

anyway the lady was talking to me for a while about stuff, and when she left she said "thanks for the coffee and chit chat" and i was like OMG i love people. lol!

so i'm wearing my 3 "summer outfits" for the last time this weekend. the shorts/billabong t-shirt...GONE. the blue shorts/o'neill t-shirt...GONE. the black/yellow outfit...GONE for now. i like that one, the other two i'm really sick of, esp the blue.

OMG wait till you all see my new outfits. i love them to death. the only one i'm kind of uneasy about is the one i got 2/3 of at pac sun. i got pants from independent which are nice, and a longsleeve shirt form the same. it has independent all over it, then i got a t-shirt to go over it at bobs. its independent as well.

i'll probly look like a freaking independent billboard wearing those...so i'll mix in the "sorry i dont do girls" and "your mom likes me better than you" shirts :) probably
YMLMBTY more often though, for obvious reasons. as much as i love the SIDDG shirt, wearing it at school could cause some problems. am i allowed to wear something like that? hmm...

anyway i have like 7 outfits, 2 left over from last year/summer, and one is those nice macgear black pants which will go with those two hot topic tshirts. perhaps i will get more, and mix that outfit up even better! shirts at HT are pretty cheap.

wow i've rambled on about outfits and work and my dads house for far too long. sorry if i bored you..but judging by the fact that you're still reading, i probably didnt.

i'll try and sneak on again tommorow night.

yay 5.5 hours of sleep ahead of me! then work :-/

night all!



stole this one from lyd.

i know i havent posted in a while..but deal with it!

i'll be back sunday.

The Basics//
Your full name, please?:michael rory mccracken.
Hair Color:it varies.
Eye Color:hazel.
Any obsessions?:the OC, tomb raider, prince of persia, harry potter, tom felton, linkin park, switchfoot.
How about addictions?:cranberry juice.
Bands:linkin park, switchfoot, black eyed peas, avril, michelle branch, sugarcult, p!nk, dashboard, dido, yellowcard, vanessa carlton, story of the year to name a few.
Movies:kill bill, matrix, charlies angels, the ring, saved, italian job, resident evil, tomb raider, bourne identity, harry potter 3.
Colors:black, blue, grey, green.
Vacation Spot:ogunquit, cruise.
Countries:australia, france, ireland, japan.
TV Shows:family guy, futurama, simpsons, case closed, the OC, the amanda show.
Reality Shows:meh.
Channels:whatever the above are on.
Hobbies:level editing, reading, AIM, malling, movie partying, listening to music, walking.
Animals:rosy, tabby and holly. the other one doesn't count.
Makeup Items [[girls.. or guys ;)]]:meh.
Clothing Items:pants/shirt w/ longsleeve under if its cold, sex bracelets, necklace, watch.
Foods:pizza, mac & cheese, tortellini, chinese food, tacos.
Sodas:sprite, orange soda, root beer, cream soda.
Hot Drinks:hot chocolate, hot chocolate with a bit of french vanilla.
Places to hang out:the mall, someones house.
Cars:who gives a damn?
Sex Life//
Your sexuality?:if you dont know now, you never will.
Are you a virgin?:for the time being.
If you are a virgin, do you wish you weren't?:not really.
What people you know personally would you consider doing?:if i listed any, alot of people that dont really know me would think i was WICKED sketchy.
Any celebrities you would do?:tom felton. name the time and place.
Your favorite position?:ask your mom.
Best song to have sex to?:ask your mom.
Worst song to have sex to?:something by weird al or like michael jackson. lol.
Would you have sex in a public place?:no.
..On a rooftop?:depends on the rooftop.
..In a car?:yes.
..With more than one person at once?:no.
What do you think of anal sex?:well its one of my few choices.
Vaginal sex?:eww girls have cooties!
Oral sex?:why dont i give you my answer orally. ha-ha-ha.
Best sheet fabric when having sex?:WTf?!
Many pillows, hardly any or none?:a few.
Many blankets, hardly any or none?:lots.
Would you ever incorporate ''sex foods'' into sex?:sex foods....WTf?!
Would you use flavored lubricant//condoms?:meh.
Have a crush on anyone?:many, many, many people.
Dating anyone?:umm...i think...?
Ever been in love?:i thought so.
Was it REAL love?:i dont know.
Do you like Switchfoot?:OMG! im listening to them now. i love them.
How about Slipknot?:meh. duality is alright.
Story of the Year?:i love story of the year.
Dropkick Murphy's?:meh.
Taking Back Sunday?:meh.
Do you spend most of your life on the computer?:not really.
Do you work?:yes.
Where?:bernie and phyls.
Sick of the random section?:yes.
Good. So am I.
This or That//
Chocolate or Vanilla:chocolate.
Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson:cooties!
Love without sex or sex without love:love without sex.
Silver or cold:silver.
Sunshine or rain:rain.
The city or the country:depends on the city.
Story of the Year or Coheed + Cambria?:story of the year.
Finch or Thrice?:thrice.
Slipknot or Bleeding Through?:slipknot.
Pink or purple?:purple.
Stripes or polka dots?:stripes.
Horror or comedy?:horror.
Nightmare Before Christmas or Beetlejuice?:night before christmas.
Ocean or lake?:ocean.
Dolphin or shark?:dolphin.
High school or college?:high school.
Day camp or away from home camp?:neither.
Kisses or hugs?:both.
Christmas or Halloween?:thats practically christ vs. antichrist. i think both.
Spongebob or Patrick?:spongebob.
Care Bears or My Little Pony?:care bears.
White or black?:black.
Color or black + white photography?:depends on the picture.
The 80's or the 90's?:the 90's.
Lipstick or lipgloss?:meh.
Mascara or eyeliner?:meh.
Pale or tan?:pale.
Checkers or solid color?:solid.
Skulls or stars?:stars.
So.. Wanna email me at malicexinxwonderland@hotmail.com? I'd love you.:alice KICKS ASS. but no.
Thanks for taking my survey.

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irony at its best

hehe so i was playing theif for a while. its just my crappy old demo i got with tomb raider but its a fun game. i wanna get the new thief on xbox.

anyway theres a drunken guard and you're supposed to pickpocket or club him over the head. i chose the latter, but accidently hit his arm or something. he was stupid and kept going around in circles because he was drunk, so i just kept hitting him with my club until he died. later i finish the demo, exit the game, open winamp, and whats the first song that plays? def. clubbed to death by rob dougan (matrix soundtrack). isnt that AWESOME? lol...

anyway. i tried calling andrew today and he was playing prince of persia (i swear, all the coolest people play it, me, him, zach, geckokid) so he said he was gonna call me back...but so far he hasnt. ah well.

we had chinese food today! yay! i'm going to go investigate more food, that chinese was hours ago.

i wanna go to the mall soon....lalala. i wanna get azkaban for GC and theif 3 for xbox. excuse me, thief. that'll be expensive, but since i worked 12 hours instead of 8 last saturday (not to mention 7 hours instead of 5 on sunday) i think i am entitled to spend the extra i made. besides, it was ME who said i should put 80% of my money in the bank. my mom was talking about putting 75! besides, i have plenty of money and i havent cashed like 3 paychecks. so i'll be all set. wow that was aboring rant. i dont think i even need to use the extra money i made. haha wow i'm tired.


i talked to vanessa a bit on the phone today, that was fun :)

anyway. i'm gonna go, theres nothing good left to write about.


bah-leerg and a half

so all my level editor efforts keep dying. i made a beautiful title load screen, but i cant get the mist effects to work, or the shafts of light through the leaves. if i cant get those, it totally wont look like that prince of persia room. dammit!

and my angkor level is crashing again. somethin with the wad.

anyway. its 5:30. i'm taking advantage of summer, i love staying up this late/early.

today was boring. hung out with kasey alot. bah.

so i've been thinking of ideas for a new journal design. totally different. it'll be a full website, like i used to have, with this on it. i dunno how i'm going to work that though.

ugh i'm so bored. i need to sleep but i have to wait a few. im gonna go watch my title load screen again.

sorry if this entry was boring, lol. i'll get back into writing soon


the fam needs to LEAVE more

i'm really depressed because tonight is my last night alone. tommorow the house is going to be noisy and messy and full again. i really dont like it like that, i wish they could be gone for a few more days. a few more days when i dont have to go to my dads house for a night or spend 12 hours at work. it just isnt fair, i want some mroe alone time before the end of the summer.

maybe my mom will try to arrange something else for one of her weekends. i'll still have work, but a few hours after work is better than nothing.

darrin gave me a ride home tonight, but not until 9:30 (12 hours after i got in, can you believe how i kept my sanity?) and he's gonna give me rides again tommorow. i dont even want to go to work. blah...

i guess i'm just waiting for it to be a weekday so i can stay up late and avoid everyone. i also loved how my mom had a ton of food for me to eat. i had some good times. i'm just upset right now.

i really wanted to talk to andrew tonight, and andi and i were like yea he should REALLY go online. he did. for a split second he went on, but i was too slow. then he came on later for a good 30 seconds, but my computer was going so slow for some reason and by the time i typed a message and hit enter, he signed off at the exact moment. i felt wicked bad. i mean, i cant keep calling him, the long distance...its no good. whatever.

its only a few days now. i'm excited to meet him but i still have to arrange how i'm getting there.

lyd wants me to go with her to amherst on monday, sounds good! i'll need to get out of this house when everyone comes back.

so vanessa got a new journal, and lyd redesigned hers. both of them look awesome! i know i just did mine, but i might re-do it to something completely different. it'll be sooo complicated, i hope i can figure something out.

but now its 3AM and im kinda tired. i'm thinkin im gonna throw on the italian job and fall asleep (i fall asleep easier while trying to watch tv or a movie, even if its a scary movie) sine i have to wake up at 9:30 tommorow.

i'm happy that my mom is coming home, i just miss the times when the house was quiet.


andrew- start going online more! <3333!



im BACK! muahahhaaa!!

so its been down almost two weeks, and i have it back (and faster than ever) for the weekend, until sunday when everyone comes back, then we need to find a permanent solution.

so since i'm the ONLY one hooked up to the thingie, i'm receiving like pure connection and i have extremely fast internet, which kicks ass.

i downloaded ad-aware..took like 10 seconds. stopped that stupid messenger service thing before it even started..heh heh. i should ask my dad to pay me to get rid of that on his comp..he HATES it.

yay, silver and cold is playing, i havent listened to that in ages.

hmmm so i have a million things to write about, but i wont. not here anway. i'm making a secret journal.

IM GONNA BE ALONE FROM TOMMOROW THROUGH SUNDAY! how much ass does that kick? quite alot, let me tell you. my dad wants me to go there friday, but thats kinda not really high on my wanting to do list. i kinda had plans with lyd, and i dont want to go there in general.

so i went for a walk yesterday and darrin was coming home from work, so he pulled over and we talked for a few. its funny! he's giving me rides this weekend.

i'm getting progress in wind waker, its almost over. i have 3/8 triforce charts, then i need the 8 shards, then i fight ganon and its over. phenomenal game, i love it!

i'm over halfway done with harry potter 5. again.

seriously people, this is what has been entertaining me without the internet. that and making calls, and having plans occasionally.

so i havent written much about andrew...i dont know why. i've been calling him alot lately, but i cant call that much since its long distance :-/ i cant wait for him to come back.

i'm gonna go upstairs a bit, and i'll be back later.

just wanted to let you all know i'm back!

oh and eddy- wanna test my level? its gonna be you, chris-craig michaels and kurtis trent if you want to. i'll give you the link later.