bah-leerg and a half

so all my level editor efforts keep dying. i made a beautiful title load screen, but i cant get the mist effects to work, or the shafts of light through the leaves. if i cant get those, it totally wont look like that prince of persia room. dammit!

and my angkor level is crashing again. somethin with the wad.

anyway. its 5:30. i'm taking advantage of summer, i love staying up this late/early.

today was boring. hung out with kasey alot. bah.

so i've been thinking of ideas for a new journal design. totally different. it'll be a full website, like i used to have, with this on it. i dunno how i'm going to work that though.

ugh i'm so bored. i need to sleep but i have to wait a few. im gonna go watch my title load screen again.

sorry if this entry was boring, lol. i'll get back into writing soon


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