the fam needs to LEAVE more

i'm really depressed because tonight is my last night alone. tommorow the house is going to be noisy and messy and full again. i really dont like it like that, i wish they could be gone for a few more days. a few more days when i dont have to go to my dads house for a night or spend 12 hours at work. it just isnt fair, i want some mroe alone time before the end of the summer.

maybe my mom will try to arrange something else for one of her weekends. i'll still have work, but a few hours after work is better than nothing.

darrin gave me a ride home tonight, but not until 9:30 (12 hours after i got in, can you believe how i kept my sanity?) and he's gonna give me rides again tommorow. i dont even want to go to work. blah...

i guess i'm just waiting for it to be a weekday so i can stay up late and avoid everyone. i also loved how my mom had a ton of food for me to eat. i had some good times. i'm just upset right now.

i really wanted to talk to andrew tonight, and andi and i were like yea he should REALLY go online. he did. for a split second he went on, but i was too slow. then he came on later for a good 30 seconds, but my computer was going so slow for some reason and by the time i typed a message and hit enter, he signed off at the exact moment. i felt wicked bad. i mean, i cant keep calling him, the long distance...its no good. whatever.

its only a few days now. i'm excited to meet him but i still have to arrange how i'm getting there.

lyd wants me to go with her to amherst on monday, sounds good! i'll need to get out of this house when everyone comes back.

so vanessa got a new journal, and lyd redesigned hers. both of them look awesome! i know i just did mine, but i might re-do it to something completely different. it'll be sooo complicated, i hope i can figure something out.

but now its 3AM and im kinda tired. i'm thinkin im gonna throw on the italian job and fall asleep (i fall asleep easier while trying to watch tv or a movie, even if its a scary movie) sine i have to wake up at 9:30 tommorow.

i'm happy that my mom is coming home, i just miss the times when the house was quiet.


andrew- start going online more! <3333!



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