first day of school

SO. today....it's been a strange day. (i'm in compy, last period) it was reeeeaalllly long, but every period like flew by. first days are always like that.

i love the first day of school but i hate the first like two weeks after it, because you have to get used to the teacher and the way things are taught and it takes a long time to really get into it. so i'm looking forward to when i get used to stuff.

this keyboard is wicked awesome.

so anyway. i have studies now- but i'm going to need them. english and US history are going to be pretty hard. as far as chem and pre-cal, i think i can handle those. i'm one of those math-science people as opposed to english-history. french is awesome- its me, the cains, chris carton and joo. jack and chris are in "french 2 and a half" so it should be an interesting class.

ok and so the same thing that happened last year is happening again. i remember it was like a week before dane started showing up, and now we have two more foreign exchange kids coming in- ralph and hans. they're in like ALL my classes but they havent been here all day.

rebecca and tom have left our grade forever. my respects to rebecca. i would try to give my respects to tom, but he'd probably think i was LYING. he's such an idiot.

so lets go through my day shall we? homeroom with alice (mrs apostolou, crazy taiwanese chem teacher, everyone calls her alice). i actually think i really like alice. even though she's a little crazy and bossy at times. she likes me, and i answer her questions (like whats the date or whatever) because it seems like she always asks me stuff like that. even last year, if i had her for a study or something.

the schedules were all effed up..we got there and she was like i dont have the schedules, and the office was like we dont have the schedules. and then they said they found them, and she sent us down ("GET UP AND GO DOWN" boomed alice), but they told us to go back up and wait, then the office called and said AGAIN that they had the schedules, and to send someone down and get them. so she sent shawn. then they called again and said they had the schedules. i was like DIE DIE DIE. this was all over a span of 20 minutes, mind you.

that took up all of first period (gym/study) so i didnt get to see vanessa or nik or anyone else that is in my gym class.

2nd period- kickass! thats french 3, already been described. it'll be fun.

3rd period- english. he scared the crap out of us saying how hard the class is going to be. i'm worried. i really hated their eyes were watching god...its like a great story but so hard to interpret the dialect.

4th period- chemtastic. its me and 3 other friends in the back corner, as alice towers over everonye else. she doesnt actually tower (for those of you who dont know her) because she's wicked short. but still. it'll be a good class..its a bit big though.

5th period- history. pacheco is wicked funny, but he's going to lay down the work this year. the class is good people and its small, so i dont have to worry about getting made fun of. hasn't happened yet.

6th period- precalc. i already know i'm going to love this one. even though its a huge class and generally i hate those (i did amazingly well in maki's 7-people class last year) franny is really nice and i like her grading/extra credit methods.

7th period- compy. here i am. she's giving us a free period since we're kinda stuck upstairs. katie has IA8 at the same time as my compy class every other day, so our room is going to switch around alot. sigh. i love compy though. compy, gym/study, french, and precal are going to be my fave classes, i predict.

SO. summary of the day. its going to be a tough year, a really tough year, but i will grin and bear it because i know next year is going to be much better. i wanna take psychology, french 4, some kind of computer class, i'd love to TA for someone (if i can get out of gym for this), AP calc, physics, english 4. the last 3 might be kind of hard but hey, it'll be worth it.

so in compy, it looks like kevin and i will be doing the website this year. by kevin and i, i mean me. i honestly dont think he'll be that into it. but hey thats fine, i like doing stuff by myself anyway.

oh. so i saw someone today. and i got extremely worried. because theres something that i'm assuming and i hope i'm wrong, because if i'm right someone is going to be very upset. but i cant say it, because i say things like these far too often. though i'm quite sure i'm right in this case...

ANYWAY. it hit me in chem that i have school every day from now for a loooong time. i dont know what my subconcious was thinking..something about having summer after the first day of school. i just didnt realize what the start of school meant. sigh.

its going to be a good year, but a long year. a hard year. i'm just glad i have studies and stuff. and i have friends in all my classes, and whatnot.

this entry is so over.


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