forward to time past

so now, everything is to do with time. i reached 100 posts a little while ago (at laras home forums) and Bex changed my member title thingy to time-raider, and i made all these crazy cool wallpapers (http://jackie.wyk.edu.hk/c5/blog2/walls.htm) and i was like whoa i should make a new version. lol so i did.

i dont feel like writing much else right now. i'm waiting for kasey to get home so i can find something to do. i should eat, get ready for school tommorow, but i dont feel like doing any of that right now.

i should level edit for a bit. with a snack. after i skim through my summer reading again (since i like forgot it all already) then get my stuff packed.

this time i'll post screens, and i might post a pic of my room with the dragon and prayer flags. i freaking love my room.

oh and if anyones wondering, biohazard and Megan are from laras home forums :) i dont know much about BH but Megan made some wicked nice wallpapers and posted them on the forum (which inspired me to make some of my own) so yeah. i always feel like i have to clarify when a new person shouts lol.

ANYWAY time for skimming the book/getting a snack/level editing


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