i miss you, miss you so bad

umm im not aiming that quote, or the song at anyone in particular. i just love the lyrics. though i haven't heard from andrew at all lately. :/

so camping tommorow! i knwo you all just think i'm using a 4 day 3 night camping trip as an excuse to not update, but i'm seriously going.

i'm kind of looking forward to it. i mean we're going to p-town, i get to hang out with jill and go to that drive in, but i wish i could have some more days of summer when we get home. i only have one, then BAM school starts. bad news.

anyway i hope you all like the new version, i know i do.

so vanessa came over today :) we walked and met each ohter half way, then came back. i showed her my level (you have NO FREAKING IDEA how proud i am of that cutscene) then we watched resident evil, then TR2. we nearly finished it.

i got the full AOD soundtrack last night, its available mostly on tombraiderchronicles.com. i'm gonna put some on my mp3 player, i love it. its almost as good as the POP one.

so i have to get up for 8 to help karl load the bikes. i really dont want to, but otherwise i'll have to go with him and kasey (if kasey is going, i dont think so for some reason) and the rest, instead of just my mom and katie. which i'd much rather do. id rather load the bikes later, or not at all, but those are not options.


anyway thats enough, i need to go to bed!


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