im BACK! muahahhaaa!!

so its been down almost two weeks, and i have it back (and faster than ever) for the weekend, until sunday when everyone comes back, then we need to find a permanent solution.

so since i'm the ONLY one hooked up to the thingie, i'm receiving like pure connection and i have extremely fast internet, which kicks ass.

i downloaded ad-aware..took like 10 seconds. stopped that stupid messenger service thing before it even started..heh heh. i should ask my dad to pay me to get rid of that on his comp..he HATES it.

yay, silver and cold is playing, i havent listened to that in ages.

hmmm so i have a million things to write about, but i wont. not here anway. i'm making a secret journal.

IM GONNA BE ALONE FROM TOMMOROW THROUGH SUNDAY! how much ass does that kick? quite alot, let me tell you. my dad wants me to go there friday, but thats kinda not really high on my wanting to do list. i kinda had plans with lyd, and i dont want to go there in general.

so i went for a walk yesterday and darrin was coming home from work, so he pulled over and we talked for a few. its funny! he's giving me rides this weekend.

i'm getting progress in wind waker, its almost over. i have 3/8 triforce charts, then i need the 8 shards, then i fight ganon and its over. phenomenal game, i love it!

i'm over halfway done with harry potter 5. again.

seriously people, this is what has been entertaining me without the internet. that and making calls, and having plans occasionally.

so i havent written much about andrew...i dont know why. i've been calling him alot lately, but i cant call that much since its long distance :-/ i cant wait for him to come back.

i'm gonna go upstairs a bit, and i'll be back later.

just wanted to let you all know i'm back!

oh and eddy- wanna test my level? its gonna be you, chris-craig michaels and kurtis trent if you want to. i'll give you the link later.


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