i'm leaving you all now!

so i gotta pack. i'm writing one more entry.

here's my skedge:

1 gym/study (day 2 with neusch, days 4 + 6 with frannie)
2 french/barry
3 english/doherty
4 chem/posty-loo!
5 history/steve-a-licious
6 pre-cal/frannie
7 compy/velazquez

woot and a half. so heres this that jack and i were saying:

immensenight19: i found out today i have like 80,000 classes with nicole
jXackie: you're taking 80,000 classes?
immensenight19: i'm using my time turner
jXackie: hehehe.

cuz nik and i def. have 4 classes together. and that kicks A LOT of ass.

i made two new secret sns...but i can't tell you o_O

ok i'm leaving now. bye!


Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

Jesus Christ and a half! You're taking pre-calc? *faints*

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! Vanessa here. I love the new look, and I just wanted to say have fun on your trip and I'm in your gym class! =D ttyl

3:06 PM  

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