irony at its best

hehe so i was playing theif for a while. its just my crappy old demo i got with tomb raider but its a fun game. i wanna get the new thief on xbox.

anyway theres a drunken guard and you're supposed to pickpocket or club him over the head. i chose the latter, but accidently hit his arm or something. he was stupid and kept going around in circles because he was drunk, so i just kept hitting him with my club until he died. later i finish the demo, exit the game, open winamp, and whats the first song that plays? def. clubbed to death by rob dougan (matrix soundtrack). isnt that AWESOME? lol...

anyway. i tried calling andrew today and he was playing prince of persia (i swear, all the coolest people play it, me, him, zach, geckokid) so he said he was gonna call me back...but so far he hasnt. ah well.

we had chinese food today! yay! i'm going to go investigate more food, that chinese was hours ago.

i wanna go to the mall soon....lalala. i wanna get azkaban for GC and theif 3 for xbox. excuse me, thief. that'll be expensive, but since i worked 12 hours instead of 8 last saturday (not to mention 7 hours instead of 5 on sunday) i think i am entitled to spend the extra i made. besides, it was ME who said i should put 80% of my money in the bank. my mom was talking about putting 75! besides, i have plenty of money and i havent cashed like 3 paychecks. so i'll be all set. wow that was aboring rant. i dont think i even need to use the extra money i made. haha wow i'm tired.


i talked to vanessa a bit on the phone today, that was fun :)

anyway. i'm gonna go, theres nothing good left to write about.



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