pass the time in my room alone

adams song by blink-182. thanks katie!

so. i have 10 minutes until i have to wash off my "refining mask" and go to bed. its 2:20....i shouldn't have stayed up this late. i have to be going to bed at like 10 tommorow night, or no way i'll get up early enough for school.

i really want to avoid writing about the trip again. it wasnt bad. ptown was awesome, the highlight of the trip (and the movies with jill) but i really hate hate hate camping. karl was tolerable (even likeable) a lot of the time, but he still ended up being bossy/an insufferable know-it-all/suck-the-fun-out-of-everything-er after all. i hate him a little less than i used to.

we had to wait like all day to go home, we could have just left in the morning after a stop in ptown but noooo we have to go on a 4 hour whale watch (we saw NO whales, btw...me and katie slept through it) and then it'll be too trafficky to leave, so lets hang around at the campsite more, then eat, then leave, and still be in the traffic. good plan.


i hate camping, i really hope i never have to go again. i missed kasey like crazy, it really takes a balance of him and michelle to pull off a trip like that, but it was just michelle the whole time. i mean girls are great, i get along with them great, but sometimes i just need to talk to a guy. other than karl. peter doesn't really count, seeing as he's my gay uncle.

so anyway, ptown was awesome. i got 2 posters- kill bill and a harry potter 2 one, featuring the polyjuice potion. its coolerino.

i got 4 new necklaces at the coolest store in the world, all those for $10 was a hot deal.

i got this cool lamp and a string of lights to match it, one of those chinese ball-ish lanterns, a string of really really nice tibetan prayer flags (pic coming soon)

oh and also they have a dont panic store there. turns out its a gay company and they are based in ptown and some other places. i bought a gay pride bracelet and the really hot gay cashier gave me two "i kiss boys" stickers. i was like i love you and your hotness.

everyone is so god damn hot there.

so more will come tommorow. we have to do some unpacking tommorow, unfortunately. im getting up at 10..such a crappy "transition" but seeing as how its 2:30 and im still up...

anyway, speaking of 2:30, i need to go wash my face.

another reason i hate camping- my face looked like shit while i was there. never go 4 days without proactiv again. oh yeah, and i will never wear those outfits i had to wear there again. ew.


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