stole this one from lyd.

i know i havent posted in a while..but deal with it!

i'll be back sunday.

The Basics//
Your full name, please?:michael rory mccracken.
Hair Color:it varies.
Eye Color:hazel.
Any obsessions?:the OC, tomb raider, prince of persia, harry potter, tom felton, linkin park, switchfoot.
How about addictions?:cranberry juice.
Bands:linkin park, switchfoot, black eyed peas, avril, michelle branch, sugarcult, p!nk, dashboard, dido, yellowcard, vanessa carlton, story of the year to name a few.
Movies:kill bill, matrix, charlies angels, the ring, saved, italian job, resident evil, tomb raider, bourne identity, harry potter 3.
Colors:black, blue, grey, green.
Vacation Spot:ogunquit, cruise.
Countries:australia, france, ireland, japan.
TV Shows:family guy, futurama, simpsons, case closed, the OC, the amanda show.
Reality Shows:meh.
Channels:whatever the above are on.
Hobbies:level editing, reading, AIM, malling, movie partying, listening to music, walking.
Animals:rosy, tabby and holly. the other one doesn't count.
Makeup Items [[girls.. or guys ;)]]:meh.
Clothing Items:pants/shirt w/ longsleeve under if its cold, sex bracelets, necklace, watch.
Foods:pizza, mac & cheese, tortellini, chinese food, tacos.
Sodas:sprite, orange soda, root beer, cream soda.
Hot Drinks:hot chocolate, hot chocolate with a bit of french vanilla.
Places to hang out:the mall, someones house.
Cars:who gives a damn?
Sex Life//
Your sexuality?:if you dont know now, you never will.
Are you a virgin?:for the time being.
If you are a virgin, do you wish you weren't?:not really.
What people you know personally would you consider doing?:if i listed any, alot of people that dont really know me would think i was WICKED sketchy.
Any celebrities you would do?:tom felton. name the time and place.
Your favorite position?:ask your mom.
Best song to have sex to?:ask your mom.
Worst song to have sex to?:something by weird al or like michael jackson. lol.
Would you have sex in a public place?:no.
..On a rooftop?:depends on the rooftop.
..In a car?:yes.
..With more than one person at once?:no.
What do you think of anal sex?:well its one of my few choices.
Vaginal sex?:eww girls have cooties!
Oral sex?:why dont i give you my answer orally. ha-ha-ha.
Best sheet fabric when having sex?:WTf?!
Many pillows, hardly any or none?:a few.
Many blankets, hardly any or none?:lots.
Would you ever incorporate ''sex foods'' into sex?:sex foods....WTf?!
Would you use flavored lubricant//condoms?:meh.
Have a crush on anyone?:many, many, many people.
Dating anyone?:umm...i think...?
Ever been in love?:i thought so.
Was it REAL love?:i dont know.
Do you like Switchfoot?:OMG! im listening to them now. i love them.
How about Slipknot?:meh. duality is alright.
Story of the Year?:i love story of the year.
Dropkick Murphy's?:meh.
Taking Back Sunday?:meh.
Do you spend most of your life on the computer?:not really.
Do you work?:yes.
Where?:bernie and phyls.
Sick of the random section?:yes.
Good. So am I.
This or That//
Chocolate or Vanilla:chocolate.
Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson:cooties!
Love without sex or sex without love:love without sex.
Silver or cold:silver.
Sunshine or rain:rain.
The city or the country:depends on the city.
Story of the Year or Coheed + Cambria?:story of the year.
Finch or Thrice?:thrice.
Slipknot or Bleeding Through?:slipknot.
Pink or purple?:purple.
Stripes or polka dots?:stripes.
Horror or comedy?:horror.
Nightmare Before Christmas or Beetlejuice?:night before christmas.
Ocean or lake?:ocean.
Dolphin or shark?:dolphin.
High school or college?:high school.
Day camp or away from home camp?:neither.
Kisses or hugs?:both.
Christmas or Halloween?:thats practically christ vs. antichrist. i think both.
Spongebob or Patrick?:spongebob.
Care Bears or My Little Pony?:care bears.
White or black?:black.
Color or black + white photography?:depends on the picture.
The 80's or the 90's?:the 90's.
Lipstick or lipgloss?:meh.
Mascara or eyeliner?:meh.
Pale or tan?:pale.
Checkers or solid color?:solid.
Skulls or stars?:stars.
So.. Wanna email me at malicexinxwonderland@hotmail.com? I'd love you.:alice KICKS ASS. but no.
Thanks for taking my survey.

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