shot myself in the foot...

perhaps i shouldn't have told my mom WHICH friend i wanted to meet up there. she went straight up to michelles sulky room and told her jill was going to be there.

now michelles coming with us :/

now i can only think of how horrible she's going to make the drive-in. its like come on michelle, you see her all the time at school and i never get to, cant you just not come. ugh. i sound horrible but seriously. this would be so much more bearable if it was just karl my mom katie and i. maybe katie and i could learn to like karl after spending a few days without his kids. i'd much rather kasey go than michelle. i dont know why he isn't going, but i really wish he was. he's so kind and mild mannered compared with michelle. especially lately.

toilet? what toilet? i've never seen a toilet in my life?


anyway i'm just having myself a rant. i know some of you that read this like michelle, but seriously, try living with her. try having her blame everything in the house that goes wrong on YOU.

i dont want her to freaking come. i should go up and tell her jill and i cancelled our plans or something.

but i hate lying.

maybe i should just grin and bear it, and try to be obvlivious to her bitchyness at the drive-in. i hate having to share friends :/

still though, if i wasnt seeing jill, and my uncle wasnt taking me to p-town, i would NOT be going. why give up the chance to spend 4 days alone? especially right before school. i wont get another chance. probably ever. but there are people outside immediate family (if you can call us one) that i care about :)

so jill and peter, i am doing this for you. and you alone.

oh, and katie. because she'd like cry if i stayed home.

i wish kasey would go. jesus fuck i really do. even if he's obnoxious the whole time. i dont give a damn.

i can't rant anymore, not in this journal. i should've kept my bigass mouth shut though, i really shot myself in the foot this time.

this better be fun, god dammit.


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