so today was actually quite a good day. but before i write about that, im going to write about last night/early this morning.

nathan and i stayed up till SEVEN AM. SEVEN. no earlier. i dont know if he stayed up any later, but i sure didn't.

last night i was trying to redesign my journal, but i ended up reading fanfics, which i immediately sent to nathan. have i mentioned my love for tom felton/draco malfoy lately? i simply love the actor and his character. *sigh* i think my new version is going to be quite slytherin-ish. it'll be a dark green/silver/black kinda thing, with maybe some maroon/purple ish in there. speaking of maroon, i hope the concert was fun guys!

anyway we were up till 7 reading fics, then i went to bed and katie got me up at 2 saying diane would be there in an hour to pick us up. i took my time getting ready, and at about 2:40 a van pulled in and katie started FREAKING OUT because neither of us were near ready, and she was like "JUST THROW YOUR STUFF IN THE BAG AND RUN!!!!!" (sorry katie but its too precious to pass up) she always gets worked up about stuff with daddy/diane. if karl pulled in we'd take our bloody time. i'm reading too much harry potter, i just used the word bloody as an adjective not related to death. i almost said reckon the other day. i love harry potter. jk rowling is my hero!

anyway, it wasnt diane, it was michelle getting dropped off from babysitting. when i was ready to go i went and knocked on her door, with no answer. i went in and grabbed the summer reading book, putting $7.00 where it was (as she wanted me to pay for half..blarg) and diane showed up soon after and we left.

unfortunately..i forgot deodorant and i hadn't shaved that morning. :-/ and yes, you all NEEDED to know that. i always forget stuff when i go here. always.

anyway, it was a day of pool/tacos/and staying up extremely late by accident.

when the 3 of us got out of the pool (after a serious stepfam rant) it was 11:11 and i wished for something none of you need know about, then we went downstairs and started watching anaconda (because it was on..lol. it SUCKED) and my dad fell asleep like instantly. then david letterman was on, i drifted in and out for that, then some golf thing was on and i woke up and decided i really wasnt tired anymore, went upstairs for a bit, came back down, and when my dad got up i pretended to be asleep (so he wouldnt think i was in on the staying-up-till-1:30-business) and he was all "you have to get up early" which i do. he'll be waking me up in 6 hours. :-/

I DONT WANT TO GO TO WORK. i have to tell jamie that i need to take next weekend off. that sucks! as much as i'm sick of my job, i HAVE to go every weekend, as much as i dont want to. i know its the perfect job and it couldn't get much better, but honestly, another busy day like the other week and i swear i'll snap at someone. anyway, for a while things will slow down, everyone got their shopping done on no tax day, its beautiful out, and since the summer is over people will have other things to do than go to furniture stores. then for the winter its supposed to be crazy ass busy.

al keeps asking me if i'm doing this for just a summer job or if i'll keep it. i get the odd suspicion he doesn't like me. he's uber sketchy. one time i was making cookies upstairs (back in the olden days) and i just came up to check on them, they needed 15 more minutes, and he was up there so i was like hi and stuff. then i said i should probably get downstairs and see how things were going, and he was like nahh theres nothing going on down there. and i was like SKETCHTASTIC. it doesnt sound sketchy now, but if you were there...

i just dont like al. or some other people there.

but seriously, its the best job i can find, its weekend only, really good pay, and its fucking easy. most of the time anyway. i have great people skills.

speaking of which, my mom says i should be a psychologist or a counselor. and i totally agree. not only am i great at reading people/understanding people/giving advice, it seems like it would be an interesting job, not to mention you make a killing. not to sound...bad or something. but i really want to have a lot of money. i want some really cool house, not much more but just a cool house. i dont want a fancy shmancy car or something, i just want a cool house. i'm dead serious, people.

anyway i think that would be good for me...

hmm. i know i wont be able to go to bed if i try, so i'm going to keep writing.

anyway after work tommorow, i'll be back here by 7, we'll eat, watch a movie/play a board game, then i'll be back on here (hopefully) to talk to you fine people, then i'll be up at 10 to get ready for work again. then, sunday night, daddy's taking katie and i to see AVP. i think its stupid, and i dont really care, but hey, i'll see it. my dad loves alien. i think its a great series, and i love it too, but the whole concept of AVP is STUPID. just like freddy versus jason. i mean come on. a part of me wants to see it though, and i love going to the movies, so sure.

then (thank god) he's dropping us off at home. i was afraid i'd have to stay another nght here. that sounds horrible...but i love staying at home.

i mean i love coming here and seeing everyone and stuff, but i wish i could sleep at home. my room here isn't really that good (its practically a closet in the basement, where diane does her knitting or whatever...) and i dont sleep well. i do avoid all the screaming baby nonsense, but still. i would much rather be at home sunday night than here, thank you very much. as much as i hate saying that, and i feel awful.

i love staying here though, i mean the whole house is clean and full of food, and theres no lazy michelle watching tv or karl runnning around all over the place...


i just love my room at home, i can do anything i want and nobody knows about it. i can watch the freaking sunday night sex show and stay up till 7 in the morning reading fanfics and nobody cares. that shit wouldn't fly here, my dad doesn't like that i stay up late during the summer.

honestly, i'm just a nocturnal person. i think better at night. nobody else is around, and i like being alone sometimes. so i stay up. nathan now understands why i sleep so late. maybe if you other people stayed up late you'd realize how much fun it is :p

anyway i dont really want to work, but i dont not-want to work. i just hope its slow and i can read the stupid summer reading book, and maybe someone will come and talk to me for a while. be it friendly employee or kind old lady, i love talking to nice people at work. i talked to the nicest woman once..she musta been in her 50s. she was so nice and she didnt treat me like some punk teenager. honestly, katrina over there acts like i'm a little kid. i know she doesnt mean to, she's nice and i love her, but she just acts like that. i'm really not the common teenager, alot of you know that. i'm proud of that about myself.

anyway the lady was talking to me for a while about stuff, and when she left she said "thanks for the coffee and chit chat" and i was like OMG i love people. lol!

so i'm wearing my 3 "summer outfits" for the last time this weekend. the shorts/billabong t-shirt...GONE. the blue shorts/o'neill t-shirt...GONE. the black/yellow outfit...GONE for now. i like that one, the other two i'm really sick of, esp the blue.

OMG wait till you all see my new outfits. i love them to death. the only one i'm kind of uneasy about is the one i got 2/3 of at pac sun. i got pants from independent which are nice, and a longsleeve shirt form the same. it has independent all over it, then i got a t-shirt to go over it at bobs. its independent as well.

i'll probly look like a freaking independent billboard wearing those...so i'll mix in the "sorry i dont do girls" and "your mom likes me better than you" shirts :) probably
YMLMBTY more often though, for obvious reasons. as much as i love the SIDDG shirt, wearing it at school could cause some problems. am i allowed to wear something like that? hmm...

anyway i have like 7 outfits, 2 left over from last year/summer, and one is those nice macgear black pants which will go with those two hot topic tshirts. perhaps i will get more, and mix that outfit up even better! shirts at HT are pretty cheap.

wow i've rambled on about outfits and work and my dads house for far too long. sorry if i bored you..but judging by the fact that you're still reading, i probably didnt.

i'll try and sneak on again tommorow night.

yay 5.5 hours of sleep ahead of me! then work :-/

night all!


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