its been a very bad 2 weeks. i mean it hasnt been bad...but i just feel like crap right now. i want to make some changes in my life.

i've spent most of the time working my ass off at my level, because i know thats one thing i'm very good at. if i finish this and submit it, and it does well (top 50, i'm hoping) it'll be a major confidence boost for me.

and when it looks like this, i'd say i have a good chance.

i'm sorry i havent been around much lately. blerg.

so anyway i have some things to look forward to. lyd is coming over on thursday and we're hanging out until 6:30 or so, then my dad will probably take katie and i out for dinner somewhere (like he used to every other thursday, but hasnt done in a while. i dont blame him, its been busy) then i will watch the oc. then jack and i (and anyone else that wants too) are having a Saved/Scary Movie 3 movie party on friday. hopefully, anyway.

i have a paper due monday, the 15 page paper has been assigned (due dec 3rd), everything is getting really hard and i havent talked to andrew in a while. he hasnt been going online. i miss him!

i watched one tree hill tongiht..the AIM ad intrigued me. one of the guys was hot (though i'm not a big chad michael murray fan) but otherwise the show was kind of lame. i dont know, maybe i just jumped in at the wrong time. i prefer FOX shows over wb.

so i'm going to bed now, sorry about my miserable rant. i'll get over it soon.


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