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have you ever
started a small scale revolutionnope...
tackled an athlete playing a game while you were a spectatori dont watch games.
been arrested, what for?for fucking your mom.
used a rhyming dictionaryhttp://rhymezone.com
been suspended, what for?same as 2 above.
impersonated the popeyes, because i do that all the time.
shook hands with the devilgeorge bush? nope, never met him...
created one of these quizes?not a bZoink one, no.
single handedly collapsed a nations economy?well I didn't vote for bush..
tell me more about yourself
forget your name, what name do you go bycrack.
what name do you wish you went by495. (inside joke).
what color do you wish your hair wasplatinum blonde. TOM FELTON IS HOT.
and your eyes?blue.
what do you want to be when you grow up?your mom!
who is your role model? besides mei'll seriously think about that, i dunno.
whats your favorite...
3 bandslinkin park, switchfoot, black eyed peas.
3 songdare you to move, you get me, lets get it started. (i cant pick only 3 :/)
3 moviescrouching tiger/hidden dragon, kill bill, the ring.
3 booksharry potter 3, 5, and lirael.
colorblack, orange, blue, purple, red, green.
day of the weekfriday.
way to say \quoi?
time of dayany time after 10PM.
time of yearsummer.
holidayxmas, my bday, all hallows eve (halloween for you dumbasses out there)
would you...
become a vampire and be eternally damnedsure, why not?
make someone else oneisn't that the point?
would you make me one?just to piss you off.
do something just because you said you wouldall the time, its called a PROMISE.
go back and change time, not knowing the effect it would havei love time travel!
sights unseen
do you believe in godnope.
or fate?i have so many theories on fate/destiny/time travel...
how bout satan?we have enough evil on this planet to go around.
heaven, hell?reincarnation.
if there\'s a hell are you going there?probably...for various reasons.
believe in ghosts?no, not ghosts. a memory, preserved in a diary for fifty years...oh..sorry!
life on other planetswe're not the ONLY ones!
wicca?it sounds cool, havent heard much about it.
magick in generalkicks ass! i love you jk rowling!
heart on your sleeve
ever been in love?i thought so.
are you now?erm. i wouldnt call it love. i dont know quite WHAT it is.
would you die for that person?hmmm...
do you have a super-heroe complex?eh?
are you getting over it?i dont know.
have you ever held your true feelings inside you?all the time. all the fucking time. even now.
sucks dont it?i had a comment but i'll supress it.
are you talking to yourself zen?eh?
finish the following...
if love is for suckers...no its not! you biatch!
if there is a hell...then JB is going there. (no offense, but he says it himself :p)
if you lose everything...get it all back!
if no one's there...find someone.
more questions
how many people in your life have you hatedplenty. there are so many morons out there.
and loved?i dont know, a lot.
and lied to...tough question?white lies- a lot. black lies- not many.
say what you think when you read these words
goodsex. with your mom!
botchla?qu'est-ce que c'est?
angeldasani (a bottle was in front of me).
outcastis a crappy band.
scarsharry potter.
thurpl3stop making up words!
punkdrives me crazy.
americais evil!
rickpeter. (my uncles b/f is rick).
musicis awesome.
hitlermafia. so random, i know...
silverand cold.
this is the end
what will be your last wordsi love you.
quote the biblewhy?
quoth the ravennever more...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha. 495!! I'd personally like to be called Eiffel... or you know kitchen table.

9:34 PM  

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