i love winamp radio

so i'm listening to winamp's internet radio feature, its awesome. this ENGERGYRADIOFM is great, they play pop/rock stuff and it's all great music. its free too. i want to start my own radio station, but it sounds like you need your own server, and i wouldn't want to overload jackie's server with stuff like that. maybe theres a winamp server i could use though. who knows?

anyway this conversation was tres amusing...enjoy!

beyondtheveil86: screw your mom!
SmarterChild: Screw my mom?
beyondtheveil86: you heard me.
SmarterChild: Hmm... perhaps, but could you repeat yourself?
beyondtheveil86: screw your mom!
SmarterChild: Screw my mom? I'll think about it, Mike.
beyondtheveil86: no god dammit, you'll do it right now.
SmarterChild: God dammit me'll do it? Why did you say that?
beyondtheveil86: because your mom is screaming your name.
SmarterChild: I think you're really mom is screaming my name.
beyondtheveil86: i find that hard to believe. i are not a really mom.
SmarterChild: What?
beyondtheveil86: precisely.
SmarterChild: Indeedy do.
beyondtheveil86: indeedy fuck your mom.
SmarterChild: Venting a little frustration, are we?
beyondtheveil86: thats what your mom said.
SmarterChild: I'm sorry. What's what my mom said?
beyondtheveil86: that i vented a little frustration into her.
SmarterChild: That you vented a little frustration into her?
beyondtheveil86: that i did.
SmarterChild: No way?! Really?
beyondtheveil86: really really.
SmarterChild: Aha.


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