i'm in over my head

school is really sucking. everything is much harder, and even though i know the stuff, i just cant test well. i just cant. not even in french! i can do all these activities in class or problems on the board and memorize worksheets but when i have to take a test its all gone. it sucks, and its not getting any easier. i hate school and i just wish something would change. furthermore, we are not going the 19th and it is doubtful i'll get to go at all. if my mom takes me, it will become a family thing and i really dont want that. karl and michelle can stay at home and i will be fine.

oh god, i really do feel like shit though. i ran the mile in 9:14. my chem quiz didnt go that well, nor did the "easy" pre-cal quiz. she does stuff on the board and its so easy, but then she gives us the same type of problem on a quiz, EXCPET with exponents and complicated equations. things dont work that way, you're supposed to give hard ones on the board so people know how to do them. blerg.

i feel like i'm in over my head in almost all my class.

per 1- gym, i just hate it and it sucks and i either have to suffer or fail.
per 2- french, i get french really well but i hate taking quizzes.
per 3- english, it started as over my head but i will be all right for now. its only going to get harder though, and the books are supposed to be hard.
per 4- chem, its only easy because we're doing safety stuff so far, and she assigns homework almost every night and i just want to smack her.
per 5- history, its just way over my head and that packet thats worth a test grade i finished, but i did a crap job on it because i completely DO NOT get it.
per 6- precal, its "easy" now, but as in french quizzes are hard. oh yea and I HATE MATH.
per 7- compy, even that is different this year. its going to be all hardware stuff, and while that can be fun i dont know much about it, and i really really loathe brian richards and i hope he dies a slow painful death. now, perhaps?

the only class i really feel secure in (compy and french aside...just because they're hard dont mean im insecure) is study. because thats where i can get things done, i hate doing hoemwork at home. i really cant, i just hate it. so study is good. but i wish it was every day, like last period. i dont like gym at all and its unfair that we have to take it. and run the mile, for that matter. AND play soccer after the mile, for that matter. mr greenwald also needs to die slowly and painfully.

i just want it to be friday so i can get all dressed up and shit, wear my sirius black outfit at some point during the week, and then it will be homecoming, and then hopefully i can take sunday off and go to 6 flags. with whoever, i really dont care. as long as karl and michelle aren't involved, that is.

as for the rest of the week, i'm not in the mood for it.

i'm sorry i'm so miserable lately but theres nothing i can do. all these fuckass quizzes, that trial in history (i didnt even do bad and it still had me wicked upset) and i just cant do it.

i'm probably just not in the right mindset for school yet. it needs to hurry up and be christmas vaca already...

anyway, thats enough miserable ranting for now, bye


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwww, crack. I know what you mean. I think lots of people are stressed this year. I was in tears at the end of the Precalc test. I didnot get it at all. I swear frannie didn't go over half the stuff. I felt really stupid.
Feel better.
<3 Nate

4:35 PM  
Blogger Mystical Dragon said...

Ohhh Mike. :( Times like those bite, and I'm sorry you have to go through that. Don't worry, I think over time you'll get used to things :) And thank u mucho for the CD! Me encanta (i love) lol.

Always here for ya,

8:45 PM  

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