karl needs a heaping helping of DEATH

seriously. i am so sick of karl i might just die from it.

last night i was making myself dinner and he comes in and he's hanging around and getting in the way no matter what i do, and eventually he was like arent you oging to eat your leftovers? i was like i didnt have any, i didnt get them wrapped up. and he goes in the fridge and of course katie had written my name all over one of the boxes. and he holds it out in such a way that says "you were lying" and gives me this look. and i told him that i TOLD the lady that i didnt want it wrapped up because it was only vegetables left. and he was like marghh veggies are good for you. um, not when theres peppers, onions, rice and a hunk of pineapple left. thats really what there was. why did the stupid waitress wrap it up? shes crazy.

so finally he left and i was like wow, i hate you.

then this morning i get up (i'll tell you about my crazy 2 part dream later)

and i go in the shower, and for 10 freaking minutes it was freezing. 10 minutes. i stood there, just waiting for something to happen, and of course it EVENTUALLY did. but then it went down again, and eventually it got really hot. so it took me 20 minutes to take a 10 minute shower. and when i get out karl is out in the kitchen and its like my god karl, werent you supposed to leave already? and my mom comes up and is like marr did you take a really long shower? and i just freaked out and told her and walked away.

its not fucking fair. nwo its 6:26 and i have to go get breakfast and lunch stuff. meanwhile someone will probably show up.

(oh and by the way- i forgot to mention- karl was the one who thought "ohhh gee, maybe if i limit the hot water the kids will take shorter showers! duuuhhhhh" WRONG ANSWER! that was aaagess ago and until now its never been too much of a problem.

anyway the dream.

part 1- me and my dad have a huge fight, i was helping him do something in the backyard of my old house, and he kept criticising and being an asshole about what i was doing, and eventually i was like fine, do it yourself. i walked away and shot some dirt at him and he made some angry raging noise. then it shifted, and i was with jack and lyd walking through a really weird bernie and phyls. i said hi to the "managers wife" who i defined her as, even though she does not exist, and there ARE 3 managers (peter is gay, jamie is divorced, and barnie...he's not getting someone like that) and then we all sat down and talked and peter was there and he said my dad left angry messages on the machine, and when he played them it was some song on the radio...then i started bawling and jack told me to stop sulking.

part 2- i was riding my bike from somewhere through woods and stuff, and i was taking another bike with me. so i had one hand on mine and one on the other. and i hit this intersection, and a bus goes by full of little kids. which is odd because the dream was summer ish. the kids are all pointing, so the busdriver says "thats the big kid bus, you'll drive that later" it took me a while to realize i wasnt in a bus. then theres like a short hill going down to water, and someone gets out of a car, wrapped in shawls. guess who? yeah, def. LORI MONTIVERDI. so i'm like bonjour, and 10 seconds later she mumbles something in french. she asks me if i'm going home and i say yes. she mumbled something that may have contained the word "malade" and i say yes i'm sick. then she leaves and i go down into this pit, and its none other than jamie (my retarded step cousin, who is 22 and still in high school, still playing digimon and megaman) building a computer. he has a huge box of a conspicuous "cleaning fluid" and eventually he follows me up to where i left the bikes. he offers me a ride back. for a while i thought he was driving, till i realized he was on the right side of the car. then i thought hmm who's driving. any guesses? def. TRISH CALLAHAN. she keeps making weird comments. and then my alarm went off.

ok i need to go make lunch/breakfast. bye.


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