new version for 50th post!

actually i made the new version for the hell of it, THEN realized it was the 50th post.

SO! news flash: i dont wanna go to my dads. neither does katie. i'm afraid WW3 is going to happen on the ride, since katie is wicked pissed at him and will probably bring up the things i told her not to bring up.

i am quite enraged with him as well, but i'm going to pretend i'm not. i just dont want to go. we didnt tell him we had today off, and we're not telling him about monday either. this way, we have more time at home. otherwise i'd already be over there, and he'd probably keep us until monday. sooo not happening.

so yesterday wasn't tres eventful...we had the GSA meeting and now we will have 2 new members- ian said he would join and kasey told me justin wanted to join *wink wink at someone*

we have to get 15+ people to get the discounted tickets which should be about $23. i'm psyched!

anyway the gsa is off to a good start this year, i just hope we figure out the 6 flags trip soon enough. we kinda have to lol.

SO. blarg. i reeaalllly dont wanna go to my dads. GAHHHH.

ok i'm gonna play some RE or prince of persia or something, i'm bored with this.

hope you like the new version!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If worst comes to even worse, we could plan a 6 flags trip entirely seperate. Wouldn't be much fun, but we could all still wear our "gay apparel" :DD You guys'll figure it out.

We need to get together soon, I'm going through withdrawl. Again ^^; <33333, Twiplet

10:34 AM  
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