prachis party

so ultimately, i guess i'm glad i went. but seriously, i had a crap day and i wasnt in the mood for it at all. my day wasnt even crap, it was actually good. it was slow at b+ps and i got all my homework (3 essays and the chem packet) done. that stuff isn't due until tuesday, tuesday, and thursday, so i'm glad i got it all done. anyway. i wasnt in the mood for the party, but i was trying to have fun anyway, and of course allie tries to make me smile and stuff even though i was FINE and that really kinda depressed me. i hate when i'm fine and people are all whats wrong whats wrong and stuff...then something is wrong and ugh...

then when i finally got up the courage to get up and dance, kasey made a really jackass comment and i completely lost it. he knows better than to say something like that, he really does. he's a dumbass. like seriously he says stuff like that all the time and i hate that. he's too stupid to figure it out. oh yeah, and he's too stupid to realize that if i wanted to, i could dish ultimate dirt on him and he would never in a million years live it down. so far i've been too nice to say it. but i felt a lot better when em hugged the crap out of me (also allie and cav did too) and deal talked to kasey and jill gave me a bandaid and stuff. randy tried to talk to me alot, and it was nice of him but i really didnt want to talk. and then justin comes over and grabs me and he's like shaking me and saying kasey didnt mean it like that he just blah blah blah and he kept shaking me and i was like GAHHH and em was like justin just go away, just go away. and finally he did. and kasey kept trying to talk to me but deal kept intercepting him. i love deal for that, i really do. it was nice of him.

anyway it was a really good party but i wasnt in the mood for it at all.

tommorow nana's taking me out to eat with peter, then im going to see sky captain avec mes amis.

i feel like i have absolutely no free time lately. since tuesday i've been busy every day...

so i'm going to bed, i wanted to stay up and read or something but i need to get some sleep.

nyht. (my new word that i just made up)


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